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Composites Design and Stress

Over recent years, the use of composite materials has undergone enormous growth. Their application in the design and manufacture of aircraft wings has continually evolved and there is now increasing use in fuselage design. This development marks a revolutionary change in the aerospace industry.

The role played by our composite design team has also evolved greatly, to encompass a skill set that reflects this change. Traditionally a design role, it now focuses on the management and integration of multi-disciplinary engineering projects.

A Composite Design Centre has recently been created in Toulouse to focus on providing global expertise in providing tools and principles for non-specific design.

Key responsibilities: 

  • Design drawings and definition of design principles
  • Development of analysis tools and integration of stress analysis methods
  • Composite testing
  • Co-ordination of materials design research projects
  • Management of external work packages


  • Composite Designer
  • Composite Stress Engineer
  • Task Team/Project Leader
  • Architect/Integrator (to focus on system integration)
  • External Work-Package Leader 

Qualification required: We’re looking for experienced professionals with a degree in Aeronautical, Mechanical or Materials Engineering. You have a background in an engineering or manufacturing organisation and a working knowledge of: 

  • Design principles and stress tools, methods and techniques
  • Composite static strength calculation
  • Static analysis of damaged composite structures

Experience: Previous experience in the aerospace sector would be advantageous but is not essential.

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