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Components and Aircraft Architects

To meet the ever increasing challenges and ensure we stay at the forefront of the aviation industry, it is essential that we continue to develop the skills of our engineers, so they can take on increasing responsibility and progress their careers in a management, technical expert or architect capacity.

Components Architect

Components Architects have a complete understanding of major components or systems in terms of functions, interdependencies and contribution to the overall aircraft.

They also have the capability to define major component or system design at the concept level.


  • Airframe Architect
  • Systems Architect
  • Cabin & Cargo Architect
  • Powerplant Architect

Career path: We develop world-class skills in airframe architecture and integration to increase the quality of the design solutions. If an individual shows potential, we offer them the opportunity to train towards becoming an Aircraft Architect.

Aircraft Architect

Aircraft Architects are specialists in conceiving, defining, planning and validating an overall aircraft design –one that will meet all programme and technical requirements. Acting as the focal point for multi-disciplinary activities and solutions, they generate and optimise integrated engineering development plans.


  • Chief Engineer


  • Managerial – people, programmes, budgets, resources, customers, quality
  • Technical – methods, systems, structure, operational, safety
  • Behavioural – leadership, judgement, decision making, intercultural awareness

Career path: Our structured development programme is aimed at engineers with strong potential who are eager to develop their management skills. Offering a blend of on and off-the-job training, it also includes working alongside in-house experts, as well as across a range of functions, sites and products.

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