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At Airbus, your differences make all the difference


An appointed member of our specialised recruitment team discusses the suitability of your profile and skills with respect to the Group’s needs, and organises an initial telephone interview. Your contact person will remain your point of contact throughout the recruitment process.


If your application is successful, a specialised multi-functional team analyses the specific workstation adjustments that you require, and provides support throughout the various integration phases.

Day-to-day support
Airbus employees who are officially declared as having a disability are entitled to various support measures in different areas:
-    Transport assistance
-    Assistance for the purchase of lifestyle equipment
-    Adjusted working hours

Sustained employment
People with disabled employee status within Airbus are entitled to several types of support, depending on their individual situation.

-    Workstation adjustments
-    Access to premises
-    Access to information
-    Training for disabled employees
-    Management of professional retraining
-    Return to work

Be part of our team
Airbus is seeking applicants for numerous job openings in the fields of Engineering, Production and Support at all its sites
Our future development depends on our ability to recruit and motivate a workforce of talented individuals. We offer exciting assignments in a first-rate technological and international environment. Airbus provides support throughout your career, offering numerous opportunities to diversify.

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