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Exhibition: Travail. Femmes d'Airbus

Airbus raises awareness among the youth about diversity through an exhibition: Travail. Femmes d'Airbus

Since the end of 2013, Airbus has been initiating an information campaign in different partner universities with the objective of making young people aware of how stereotypes can influence graduate career choices.

The aircraft manufacturer has decided to highlight its profession through a series of photos made by Malgosia Magrys. These photos are supported by testimonials from female workers. The aim is to show how gender stereotypes can be a struggle in many technical fields.

This campaign is also an opportunities for universities to conduct a deeper reflection on diversity and the influence stereotypes can have.  To support this, they will host a conference delivered by Patrick Scharnitzky, Diversity Consultant and Doctor in Social Psychology.

With this event, ‘Airbus wants to stand up against stereotypes and demonstrate to young women that strategic and technical jobs in the industry are also equally accessible to women.’ This approach is even more important since, in the aeronautical sector, women only represent 14% of strategic and technical functions.

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