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Airbus joins the UK's business disability forum

The standard consists of a company self assessment across the business through 10 criteria and we have identified leads for each of these: 1.Commitment, 2. Know-How, 3. Adjustments, 4. Recruitment, 5. Retention, 6. Suppliers and Partners, 7. Products and Services, 8. Communications, 9. Premises and 10. ICT.

By using the BDF’s tailored evaluation of the assessment we are able to identify specific objectives and learning points that can be structured into a short, medium and long term action plan, and communicated through the relevant channels.

Airbus UK is proud to be a member of the BDF and values their relationship with BDF and their wealth of knowledge and expertise.
Key to the success of Airbus is our cultural diversity. Our global team is made up of employees from more than 100 nationalities who speak 20 languages. And as a top management priority, diversity allows us to forge powerful collaborations.

We encourage inclusion and respect for how individual differences contribute to our collective performance. And although our headquarters and main manufacturing sites are based in Europe, we conduct business all over the world.

We are particularly committed to advancing women in the workplace. This year, our target for women employees is 25%. This figure is higher than the proportion of female students on European aeronautical courses, which averages around 15 to 18%.

While our recruitment process is fair and robust, there may be employment restrictions – for example, visas and work permits – for certain nationalities. We do not discriminate against such individuals, but we must adhere to laws administered by governments.

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