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Opportunities in Japan

Japan Airlines became the first Japanese carrier to order  the A350 XWB with its purchase agreement for 31 aircraft announced in October 2013.
Japan Airlines became the first Japanese carrier to order the A350 XWB with its purchase agreement for 31 aircraft announced in October 2013.

Airbus has an expanding presence in Japan that dates back to 1979. The island nation not only is an important and growing market for Airbus aircraft, but it also is a key centre for the company’s global network of industrial collaboration. 

Japanese partner companies contribute to all of Airbus’ current production aircraft, from the A330 and A350 XWB widebody families to the single-aisle A320 and flagship A380 jetliners.

This regional activity is coordinated by the Airbus Japan subsidiary in Tokyo, which has responsibility for all local industrial and customer service efforts covering industrial partners and operators alike.

Currently 2 open positions are available in Japan:

  • Flight Hour Services Manager
  • Customer Service Manager

All applications should be sent via e-mail to: careers.airbusjapan@airbus.com

Flight Hour Services Manager


The jobholder reports operationally to the Delivery Director Services Solutions, and is functionally attached to Airbus Japan.


  • The function of the Flight Hour Services Manager is related to the introduction of the A330 in Japan and associated set-up of flight hour component services (FHS).
  • He or she assists the Delivery Director Services Solutions, based in Toulouse, in all FHS entry into services and continued support activities.
  • As the local representative of the Airbus FHS department, he or she is acting in communication, coordination and technical advisory roles. He or she is the main interface between the customers maintenance /engineering /planning /purchasing departments, brokers or forwarders and the Airbus FHS organization.


  • Interface and communicate with all departments of the Airbus FHS team and the airline taking into account the changing organizations.
  • Assist in solving FHS parts logistic problems quickly under high pressure, as aircraft on ground (AOG) involves financial losses.
  • Be able to provide assistance on a wide variety of issues, not limited to FHS only.
  • Be proactive in supporting the airline FHS operations, warehouse and logistics including their brokers and forwarders
  • Suggest timely solutions in critical cases to avoid situations emotionally loaded.
  • Adapt to specific airlines, cultural and climatic environments.


The FHS Manager represents the AFHS team locally at the airline.

Acting on behalf of the FHS Delivery Director, he assists in the set-up and continued support to FHS operations related activities.

A) Logistic and organisational assistance:

  • At FHS entry Into Service (EIS) assist to organize and perform training associated to FHS processes and operating manual.
  • During daily FHS operations, coach and assist the airline in using the dedicated IT tools and processes.
  • Assist the airline with logistical / technical inquiries by identifying, analyzing, and proposing solutions to problems, involving specific support from the FHS team at head quarters as and when needed.
  • As the first level of contact for any FHS related query, filter and consolidate communication in both directions to avoid misinterpretations and misunderstandings.
  • Coordinate customer inquiries especially when several departments or organizations are involved ie FHS Customer Order Desk (COD) Kuala Lumpur, Material/Logistic Order desk Hamburg, Services and Customer Support Toulouse, …)

B) Representation / relationship with customer:

  • Represent Airbus FHS in front of the airline at different working- or management levels, such as Maintenance Engineering, Planning, Procurement or Warehouse / Logistics
  • Establish and maintain a trustful, reliable working relationship with the airline through regular visits to the involved departments. Identifies problems to be solved and proposes appropriate solutions or way forward.
  • Assist to clarify disputed open invoices for FHS related services.
  • Work in close relationship with the Airbus field service office, complementing their supporting role with specific FHS expertise.

C) Proximity with Airbus / reporting:

  • Maintain efficient communication with all FHS related departments.
  • Report to the Delivery Director Services Solutions on all issues that impact customer satisfaction or Airbus services business.
  • Assist in producing the periodic reports (airline FH/FC, Monthly Business Report, Performance reviews, etc).

D) Office and daily life:

  • Familiarize and stay updated with the country’s regulations and restrictions and follow them.
  • Follow the Airbus local security recommendations.
  • Take good care of all Airbus’ or airline’s assets (i.e. office, computer, telephone, …).


  • Ensure continued and efficient communication between the customer and Airbus FHS team.
  • Contribute to the achievement of the contractually agreed service performance levels.
  • Contribute to Airbus management understanding of the airline, by providing relevant and reliable information on the airline that could affect Airbus business.
  • Contribute to develop the Airbus image by providing the expected support and promoting Airbus products and services.


  • Excellent relationship, communication and presentation skills
  • Japanese national, familiar with local culture and regulations
  • Fluent in written and spoken English language
  • Ability to convince and to take initiatives
  • Commercial or technical background
  • 5-10 years experience in services related, international business, international logistics
  • Experience in current office IT tools (excel, power point, internet applications)


  • Experience in airline or MRO technical services, technical supplies
  • Basic knowledge of commercial aircraft maintenance activities
  • Background in Civil Aviation, continued airworthiness, regulations
  • International working experience
  • Aircraft maintenance or type qualifications
  • University degree commercial/technical/aviation

To Apply: Send us your latest CV (Japanese and English) to careers.airbusjapan@airbus.com


Customer Support Manager


The jobholder reports to the Head of Customer Support (Toulouse) / Airbus Japan (Tokyo)


  • The job holder will work together with and provide support to the Customer Services Director who is assigned key strategic accounts, and is the project manager in Customer Services responsible for the higher level interface and relationship.
  • Within the framework of the Customer Services policy and allocated resources, the jobholder ensures co-ordination and administration of operational & technical (including maintenance & Engineering, Flight operations, training, Spares and logistics and Suppliers issues) activities of all Japanese based Airbus operators.
  • He/she liaises closely with Airbus Field Service representatives positioned at the airlines for solving significant operational or technical issues.
  • He/she assists with the establishment and continuous development of a sound business relationship with Customers and Airlines to the best long-term Airbus interest by contributing to safe operation and Customer satisfaction.
  • He/she is responsible to assist in marketing services and customized solutions to her/his customers.
  • He/she validates and responds to routine requests from customers and ensure that queries are promptly addressed.


  • To manage successful relationships with several customers with different size, culture & organization.
  • To provide quick response to Customer requirements in complex environment with many interfaces and generally without hierarchical authority by frequent liaison with Toulouse & Hamburg based operating units.
  • To proactively detect customer potential problems before they create dissatisfaction to the customer and propose implementation of appropriate action plans and mitigation plans
  • To achieve compromise between customer expectations and technical/ training / financial limits by maintaining Customer satisfaction and Airbus best interest.
  • To set and maintain close working relationship with Toulouse based team.


  • Providing assistance to the interface between Customer Services and Customers he/she is assigned for Entry into Service preparation and all in service issues ensuring the highest level of safety, reliability and customer satisfaction.
  • Monitoring, control and co-ordinate the implementation of all signed Customer Service Agreements and Purchase Agreements.
  • Co-ordinating timely responses to customer questions and ensure appropriate quality.
  • Regular customer visits as well as ad-hoc meetings for urgent issues.
  • Evaluation of customer operational performance monitoring: e.g. Dispatch Reliability and determine appropriate Customer Services response and support.
  • Establish comprehensive summary to management on regular basis or on specific request: notably preparation of weekly reports and continuous update of airline executive summaries.
  • Assessment of customer needs and for promoting new services and /or new initiatives developed in Customer Services that benefit customers and contribute to Airbus revenues.
  • Debt management – ensure remains below agreed level
  • Liaising with local business development team
  • Contract and Letter Agreement administration
  • Contact List management and conference & symposium invitation lists
  • Publications and telex distribution management (OIT/AOT/FOT)
  • Support the Toulouse based team members also in charge of Japanese based Customers for day to day liaison activities with their Customers.


  • Establishment and continuous development of sound business relationship between Airbus Customer Services and Customers
  • Operations of Airbus fleet in a safe, reliable and economical manner
  • Support and services provided to Customers meeting their expectations/requirements under conditions that protect both Airbus business interest and lead to durable Customer satisfaction.
  • Airbus contractual Customer Services commitments fulfilled within the pre-set budgetary allocation.
  • Marketing/business activities development, by contributing to appropriate customized plans producing high revenue stream for Airbus
  • Airbus Customer Services invoices payment within the contractually agreed time scales.
  • Timely and reliable information is provided to Airbus higher management on the relationship with the customers, and on critical issues.


  • Native level Japanese and business level English required

To Apply: Send us your latest CV (Japanese and English) to careers.airbusjapan@airbus.com

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