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PMO Profile

The PMO main activities involve:

  • Supporting project organisation set-up
  • Agree project goals & objectives with key stakeholders, cascade objectives to project members, and suppliers, ensuring appropriate awareness by everyone concerned
  • Defining, setting up and managing the project plans
  • Manage and control changes to project requirements and objectives
  • Deliver reports on the project status to team members, upper levels and other stakeholders by providing clear and transparent indicators and analysis (KPI,Dashboard etc)
  • Achieve time, cost and performance objectives  by  identifying possible deviations  from the project baseline, and proposing preventative and corrective actions, and by ensuring follow up
  • Manage project risks by identification and quantification of risks, and ensure implementation of appropriate mitigation actions
  • Define and organise the closure of different phases of the project (lessons learnt)

PMO Profile

The PMO works in project teams, which are normally multi-functional and often multinational or multi-cultural. The ability to interact with team members from a variety of organisations and cultural backgrounds is essential, together, with the ability to operate in a complex organisational environment.

The PMO needs to be able to assimilate information from a complex set of project data, to analyse and understand the project status and to extract and communicate the key messages. In short, to be able to manage the detail, while not losing sight of the big picture.

The PMO does not need to be a specialist in any particular technical domain. Nevertheless a broad understanding of the aircraft design, development and production processes would be a clear advantage.

Experience of other domains may be equally valuable, and experience in other project environments, for example, from outside of Airbus would also be advantageous.

A good standard of English language is essential, together with the local operating language.

PMO key competences:

  • Project Management & Control: The PMO is able to manage Airbus PM techniques supporting PM decision making throughout all the phases of the Project.
  • The PMO has the ability to gather and maintain up to date operations on project status, identify deviations and propose solutions as necessary.
  • PM Methods and Tools expertise: The PMO is able to identify and implement the most appropriate methods and tools with respect to the type of project (size, context, complexity). This goes together with the ability to adapt the existing methods according to the project and team members needs.

Finally the PMO is able to use multiple forms of communication ensuring that all people are willing and able to give the best of themselves to reach common objectives.

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