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Previous events

As a growing and increasingly successful company. Airbus has an ever-greater need to build on its dedicated and highly skilled international workforce of around 55,000 across a wide range of fields and specialisations.

That’s why we attend and organise various events during which potential employees can get a better idea of what it’s like to work for us and learn more about their career options. Here are a few examples of previous events we have arranged.

Partnership Convention Signature CESI & Airbus – 18/06/2014

On Wednesday June 18th, Airbus and CESI signed a partnership agreement to formalise their cooperation in terms of learning and apprenticeship. This agreement will support the development of current and future Airbus employees.



The collaboration will focus on the following fields:

  • Apprenticeship courses facilitating the implementation of Airbus apprenticeship or professional contracts in activities as diverse as embedded electronics and electrical systems, quality, IT, industrial performance, project management or human resources ...,
  • School-company relationships to allow the integration of trainees, the organisation of company visits or the participation to career fairs,
  • Continuous training to give access to training catalogues meeting with Airbus employees requirements,
  • International cooperation to offer students opportunities for internships or missions abroad,
  • Diversity including information campaigns and awareness to foster and promote the social and cultural diversity, developing the integration of students with disabilities, and encouraging girls to join the aeronautical sector and thus promote gender equality.

"We look forward to the signing of this agreement which will contribute to maintaining a high level of skills of our present and future employees. To meet the technological challenges and to remain at the forefront of innovation Airbus must attract the best skills and maintain its level of excellence. This partnership with CESI meets these objectives" said Marc Jouenne, Head of Human Resources for Airbus in France.

Partnership Convention Signature Toulouse Business School & Airbus – 16/05/2014

On Friday May 16th, Airbus and Toulouse Business School (TBS) signed a partnership convention to strengthen, develop and maintain in the long run their school-company actions. 




This partnership focuses more particularly on four axis: 

  • High education or continuous learning, including the commitment of both parties in supporting the students’ training, teaching and academic life.
  • Research and innovation, with cooperation on common themes of strategic or scientific interest in carrying out collaborative projects, or researches.
  • International cooperation including the deployment of training to support the Airbus international footprint or the implementation of actions for the international student mobility. 
  • Diversity offering the development of awareness, information and collaboration actions based on this theme specifically on the insertion of students with disabilities, foreign students from TBS (internship, apprenticeship…) and the compliance with woman/man parity.

"In an environment increasingly globalised and competitive, attract and develop talent, maintain a high level of excellence for our employees and our managers, is key to remain a successful company at the forefront of innovation" states Marc Jouenne, Head of Human Resources for Airbus in France. 


From April 7th to 12th the Employment Marketing team actively participated to the Industry Week.

Throughout the week, Airbus welcomed several groups of teachers and career advisors, as well as the association “Elles Bougent”, and participated to skilled jobs forum outside Toulouse (GImont and Tarbes).

Airbus had a booth on the Place du Capitole, set up by institutionals (UIMM, GIFAS, Pôle Emploi…) which was shared with other industrials. This was the opportunity to present their latest technology, demonstrate their skills and products, exchange  on competence and jobs.

Tutoring, which is aiming at integrating newcomers and facilitating their knowledge of the company and their position was also highlighted.

Visitors could be informed on training paths and employment.

With 8,000 visitors, it was quite a successful event!

Student Visits – February 2014

Last month, more than 130 students from different universities were invited to a attend a company presentation hosted by our Employment & Learning Marketing team in Toulouse. 

This gave them the opportunity to discover Airbus and their current career opportunities.

We wish all students the best of luck in their future career!

Student Visits – January 2014

Last month, we had the pleasure to welcome more than 250 students in our different sites in Toulouse.  They were from diverse engineering schools in France: ISAE-ENSICA and ISAE double diploma with HEC, ESTACA, and ENAC. It was the occasion for us to exchange more with the young generation and for them to get specific information about us and our career opportunities. We hope that these visits were able to maintain the appeal of these students for our company and the aeronautical world.

“The Disability Week”

Organised from November 18th to December 4th in the different French Airbus’ sites, the “Disability Week”’s truck reached its terminus in Toulouse, full of souvenirs and exchanges.

Different activities were proposed to employees to enhance their awareness of disability at work, such as “DarkLab” (food tasting in the darkness), “In the silence” (coffee order without speaking) or Quizz. 

With more than 1500 participants on board, this event has been a success for the “Mission Handicap Airbus”.

Let’s highlight this event through some pictures! Click on the image to view it in a larger format.

4th Rencontres Nationales pour l’Egalité des Chances – 27/11/2013

Organised by the Association “Nos Quartiers ont des Talents”, the 4th edition of the “Rencontres Nationales pour l’Egalité des Chances” took place on November 27 at the “Cité du Cinéma”, in Saint-Denis (France). This event was a unique opportunity for students or recent graduates to receive recommendations concerning their job search, their professional project definition or their future career path from forty professionals.
Airbus, as a partner of the association, was pleased to participate to this fair and meet young people under 30 years old, coming from priority neighborhoods and/or socially disadvantaged backgrounds.

This forum also allowed the 3000 youth expected to participate in plenary sessions during which they interacted with Presidents and HRD of several companies.

Aeronautical Seminar “Education Nationale”

The Aeronautical Seminar of the French Ministry of Education (Education Nationale) took place at Airbus's Toulouse site on the 27th and 28th of November 2013.

Almost 120 participants from different French institutions (GIFAS members, education representatives, associations, companies) had the opportunity to participate to this event. 

The seminar was organised by the Lycée Airbus and it was the occasion, after three years of close collaboration, to discuss about the renovation of the aerospace studies paths. 

The participants could, thanks to this event, learn more about the aircrafts, the environment but also the culture of Airbus.  This event was the chance to continue developing the stronger relationship between the education world and the industrial sector.  

STUDENT VISITS IN THE LAST WEEKS (October - November 2013)

This year again, Airbus received more than 2000 students from European Universities and Schools to visit manufacturing sites and Finale-Assembly-Lines, an amazing experience for all of them.

These last weeks, we had the pleasure to welcome 150 students in our site in Toulouse. Coming from different partner schools, they enjoyed the opportunity to visit the A380 Final Assembly Line, having a global overview of the industrial processes, receiving technical facts and answers.

Those visits have been followed by a presentation of the company and obviously the different career opportunities they can find in Airbus during their studies (Internships, Apprenticeships, VIE, DEG…).

Visit from the Direction Committee of Pôle Emploi Midi-Pyrénées - November 2013

On Monday, the 18th of November, we had the pleasure to welcome the members of the Direction Committee of Pôle Emploi Midi-Pyrénées at Toulouse. 

They visited the final assembly line of the A380 before having a presentation of the company by Séverine Kaci, the Employment & Learning Marketing Manager.  They also could get an insight of our jobs by Astrid Campardou, responsible for Recruitment in France, and Juan Dubost, responsible for Blue Collars recruitment in France.

After that, they continued the day with their annual meeting taking place in our site.

We hope they enjoyed their stay as much as we did and we wish to continue to have a close and frutful relationship together!

Airbus at Forum INSA Entreprises

Also in this year Airbus participated in the FORUM ENTREPRISES organized by INSA Toulouse where numerous companies exchanged with the students coming from all specialisations of INSA. We welcomed the INSA students at our stand where they got the opportunity to exchange with HR and Employment Marketing representatives who collected their CVs and gave advice for applications and latest information about current offers for internships, V.I.E.s and Graduate Programs. Some candidates got as well the opportunity to participate in speed job datings where they met with our recruiters.   


On the 25th of October, 20 Air Cadet members of the International Air Cadet Exchange Association came to discover the world of Airbus in Toulouse.

As each year Airbus welcomed the IACE Air cadets and the agenda was tight: “Wonderful, amazing and too short” were the words of the cadets at the end of this special day. 

It started with a visit of the A320 and A380 FALs, followed by a special welcoming presentation by Airbus Employment Marketing Manager for France.

The order of the day continued with a flight test briefing and a virtual reality session was organized. To end the day with another highlight the cadets got the opportunity to visit the new A350 FAL, where Lionel Adroit, their host in Toulouse, from the ground test support, guided them through the exciting assembly steps.

"It’s always a pleasure to bring closer the future talents of aeronautic industry and our challenges projects." 

New Partnership Convention

October 4th marked a major step forward for the relationship between “Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Arts et Métiers” and Airbus.

Indeed, after years of cooperation, a partnership convention was signed between the two entities. This agreement will set up new steps within the collaboration between the school and Airbus, especially in the field of engineering education. 


On the 24th of September, a group of 40 final-year students from "Ecole Centrale Paris" came to discover the world of Airbus in Toulouse.
After visiting and discovering the A380 FAL at Lagardère, the order of the day continued with a special presentation by the Employment Marketing Team who was delighted to welcome the young talents at the Louis Bréguet site where the students were introduced to the company’s world, its values and career perspectives.
To complete this exciting day, Sylvain PRUDHOMME, a former student from “Ecole Centrale Paris” joined the group to share his professional experiences with the students and to explain his different career paths before becoming an Industrial Strategy Integration Manager at Airbus."It’s always a pleasure to bring closer the new generations and our future projects."


On the 28th of August, a group of students from Ecole Polytechnique doing their final year specialization at Supaero, came to visit Airbus in Toulouse. 

The Airbus Employment Marketing team had the pleasure of welcoming them at the Louis Breguet site where they attended a presentation about the company and its job opportunities. 

Afterwards, Agnès GIRAUD, a former Polytechnique and Supaero student now employed as head of A350 Final Assembly Line Cabin Manufacturing Engineering at Airbus, discussed with them about her career path. 

The day ended with a visit of the A380 Final Assembly Line. 

It’s always a pleasure to welcome the future talents of the aeronautical industry!

Visit ENSICA Students - March 2013

On Tuesday 5th of March, we had the pleasure of welcoming 118 students from ENSICA.

The Employment marketing team spoke about Airbus and the different opportunities that were available.

They had the chance to meet Philippe Gossard, Head of Fleet and Network profitability at Airbus and the ENSICA alumnus who provided them a testimonial about his career.

After this rewarding meeting, they enjoyed a visit to the A380 FAL.

It was a pleasure to meet those students and we wish them the bests of luck for their future career!

Elles du futur! - March 2013

At Airbus, we want to allow young women to discover the available opportunities in the aeronautics field. In order to do this, we organise visits to our sites in France for women who are thinking about their future careers...

The agenda for these days is divided into two parts: A visit of the Final Assembly Line and then workshops including  discussions with employees at Airbus.

We were very pleased to welcome 40 students on the 11th of October 2012 and we are happy to announce a second day in Toulouse on the 22nd of March with 80 young women attending.

Our main objective is to show young women that it is possible for them to have a fulfilling career within a technical and aeronautical path!

Click here for the French version...

Visit “Master en Droit et Sciences du Travail Européen” students - February 2013

On the 18th of February, we were glad to welcome a group of 24 students from Master in "Droit et sciences du travail Européen"

 They attended a conference by the Employment marketing team who introduced the company, as well as informing them about the available career opportunities at Airbus. After the presentation, they had the chance to visit the FAL A380!

It was a pleasure to meet those students and we wish them the best of luck for their future career!

Visit IPSA Students - February 2013

On Friday15th of February, we welcomed a group of 20 students from IPSA who came to visit Airbus in Toulouse.

The students went to the FAL A380 and were then joined by the Airbus Employment marketing team who introduced the company, as well as informing them about the opportunities available at Airbus.

We would like to thank all the students who visited Airbus and we wish them the best for the future!

Our partners from Défense mobilité visit Airbus - January 2013

On Monday 14th of January, we were glad to welcome more than 60 people from the “Défense Mobilité” network Aquitaine and Midi-Pyrénées to introduce them to our company.

Employment Marketing and Recruitment teams provided information about career opportunities and the possibilities for military people to join Airbus in the future.
We then invited them to enjoy a visit of the A380 Final Assembly Line!

We thoroughly enjoyed the day together and look forward to maintaining our close relationship.

Click here for the French version

INSA Toulouse Students visit Airbus - November 2012

Last week, on the 19th of November, a group of 36 students from INSA Toulouse came to visit Airbus in Toulouse.

Firstly, the students went to the FAL A380 and were then welcomed by the Airbus Employment marketing team who introduced the company, as well as informing them about the opportunities to join Airbus as an intern.

We would like to thank all the students who showed their interest in visiting Airbus.

VDI Recruiting Day, Hamburg - October 2012

On October, 23rd Airbus attended the VDI Recruiting Day in Hamburg in order to inform students about their career opportunities at Airbus and to meet potential candidates from all over the world.

We met Latif who is studying Aircraft Electrical and Electronic in Turkey. At the career fair he was informed about the internship opportunities at Airbus. He is now applying online for his dream position.

Aeroliance Career fair - October 2012

On 10th October The Aeroliance Career fair took place in Clermont Ferrand, France.

Our Employment Marketing Team was there to answer questions about career opportunities within Airbus.

For further information please visit the web site http://www.aeroliance.fr/

See you soon!

EUROAVIA CONGRESS - September 2012

On 19 September, Airbus took part in the Annual Meeting of the Euroavia Congress in Zagreb with EADS and Eurocopter.

During this special day, more than 60 EUROAVIA (The European Association of Aerospace Students) members had the opportunity to discover the activities of our four Divisions thanks to exclusive workshops with the opportunity to have interviews with HR representatives.

In the photo (click to enlarge), students are working on a selling case study given by Raphael Sheffield, Technical Marketing Manager within Airbus, during his Workshop.

Centrale Nantes: A new promotion sponsored by Cedric Gautier head of A400m

Cedric GAUTIER, Head of the A400M programme in Airbus Military France, celebrated the start of the new students promotion 2015 of the “Ecole Centrale Nantes” as their new sponsor.

This attendance is part of our strategy to emphasis our link with target schools including Centrale Nantes which is key for our Nantes and St-Nazaire sites!

We wish all the students the best of luck in their pathway to a great career!


On the 26th of June, students from the school ISAE-Ensica came to visit Airbus in Toulouse.

Fifty students attended in the morning and fifty students in the afternoon.
Both groups attended a presentation held by the Employment Marketing team to give them an insight into Airbus and the different jobs available.

After that, two ex-students of ISAE-Ensica, Mr Seguy, Engineering Support Manager and Mr Foucault, Flight Test Engineer Manager, shared their experiences of everyday work and their career within the company.

To finish, the students went to visit the A380 Final Assembly Line.

Strengthening of the partnership between Airbus and ISAE - June 2012

On Friday 15th June, Airbus and ISAE, (Institut Supérieur de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace) signed an agreement covering the fields of training, research and innovation. This took place at the Airbus Delivery centre.

Coordinated by the Airbus Employment Marketing in France, this agreement for a period of five years is part of the human resources strategy aimed at anticipating and developing the skills of tomorrow.
The main objectives: Training, to jointly propose, develop and deliver training of scientific interest for ISAE and corresponding to the needs of Airbus.
Research and innovation, with cooperation on common themes, studies, work and publications produced as part of research or training courses. This component also includes joint participation in scientific events
Communication, to provide information on skills sought by Airbus and, to promote and advance the social and cultural diversity and reveal vocations especially among young women.

University of Virginia, School of Commerce, Toulouse - JUNE 2012

On the 8th of June, a group of students from the University of Virginia USA came to visit Airbus in Toulouse.

We had the pleasure of welcoming them at the Louis Breguet site for lunch where they discussed their backgrounds, experiences, as well as their future projects in the aeronautics sector with the Airbus and Rolls Royce Employment marketing team.

Afterwards, the students attended a company presentation and went to see the A380’s flight tests with one of the Airbus managers who answered any questions.

They ended their day with a visit of the A380 Final Assembly Line.

Visit of the association HANVOL - May 2012

As part of Airbus' commitment to diversity and inclusion, Airbus has developed a partnership with HANVOL, an association created by GIFAS to encourage disabled candidates who aspire to work in the aerospace industry.

This year, for the first time, a special training class was launched in Toulouse for 18 students. Currently receiving training at the AFPA Midi Pyrénées, the students will be candidates working towards apprenticeships in technical/manufacturing areas.

To help them choose their area of specialisation, Hanvol is organising visits to the participating industrial firms. For example in May 2012 Airbus planned a visit to the Saint-Eloi plant where engine pylones are produced and Lagardère to see the final Assembly line of the A380.

Click here for the French version

Journée des métiers aéronautiques de Gagnac sur Garonne - May 2012

On the 23th of May, Airbus participated in the Journée des métiers aéronautiques de Gagnac sur Garonne organised by the town council of Gagnac sur Garonne, near Toulouse.

Many people attended and submitted their applications. They also had the opportunity to attend a conference, where they were informed about the current job opportunities at Airbus.
Airbus would like to thank everyone who came along to this event.

Click here for the French version


Séverine KACI from the Employment Marketing France was welcomed on the 3rd of May at Roma University "la Sapienza" and presented AIRBUS to an audience of around 200 students.

Many thanks to the teachers, in particular to Paulo GAUDENZI for organizing the event and to the students for their great enthusiasm and interest in the company!

University of Bristol Aeronautical Engineering Society, Toulouse - March 2012

On the 27th of March, a group of students from the University of Bristol Aeronautical Engineering Society were welcomed by our Employment Marketing team in Toulouse.

Firstly, the students went to visit the A380 FAL and the A320 FAL. Afterwards, they had a lunch with the team which allowed them to discuss Airbus and what it is like to work within the company.

In the afternoon the students listened to presentations and videos giving more insight about Airbus and the different jobs available. Two managers also spoke of their everyday work and careers within Airbus.

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