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Filton opportunities

At Filton we offer work experience placements across a range of areas including:

Information Communication Technology

ICT is the interface between software suppliers/developers and users.Services include:

  • Development ensuring tools meet business requirements
  • Testing ensuring tools are ready for deployment
  • Deployment ensuring the successful introduction of new tools
  • End User Support supporting users in the use of existing and new tools
  • Data Exchange enabling design information to be shared
  • Supplier Engagement ensuring supplier systems are compatible with ours.

Engineering – Systems

This area of the business is made up of two Centres of Competence:

  • Systems Engineering includes fuel, information management and integration, environmental control systems and general systems.
  • Landing Gear is responsible for the architecture, design, integration, certification and in-service support of all aspects of aircraft landing gear.

Engineering – Structures

This function forms the largest part of our engineering organisation. It supports the development of leading-edge, high-performance and cost-effective aircraft structures. In the UK, that means the wings for all Airbus aircraft:

  • Design Capability develops approaches for design and manufacture
  • Structures Analysis evaluates damage limits of aircraft
  • Materials and Processes works with manufacturing on the development of materials and processes
  • Research and Technology identifies ways of improving wing design to make it easier to build and maintain.


The A400M is a military transporter designed for harsh combat environments. Able to travel further and faster with a larger payload, it is economical to operate and packed with state-of-the-art technology. A truly unique project, it is our first purpose-built military aircraft and the first wing we have constructed primarily using carbon fibre. The demanding requirements have been met by some revolutionary solutions.

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