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Broughton opportunities

At Broughton we offer work experience placements across a range of areas including:


Various engineering departments are involved in the wing build from initial stages to final dispatch. Here you will help engineers find solutions to engineering problems. You will be able to shadow an engineer(s) to gain an understanding of their role and how they support the manufacture of aircraft wings. A sound knowledge of Maths and Science will be required in this area.


This is a highly specialised area where state-of-the-art Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM) is used to prepare and machine wing components.

Students will be expected to have some experience of using CAD within school/college as the CAD systems used here will be industrial packages. Good problem solving skills and logical thinking will be a great advantage. A sound knowledge of Maths and Science will be required in this area.


This department plays a crucial role in wing design not only calculating the stress and load on an aircraft wing both during the manufacturing process and during flight, but also how the aircraft performs when in flight. A sound knowledge of Maths and Science will be required in this area.


The MSA is responsible for the design and delivery of training programmes that equip employees with the necessary skills and experience to work on a production line.


These areas support all aspects of the manufacturing process to ensure our products meet the high standards required for aircraft manufacture. It may be possible to examine aircraft components and be involved in laboratory work. A sound knowledge of Maths and Science will be required in this area.


This department deals with a huge number of suppliers and sources, negotiates and purchases all equipment from office chairs to aircraft components. Good communication, organisation and IT skills will be a huge advantage as well as an interest in Maths, Business and Economics.


A diverse function split into three processes; Plan & Schedule, Supply Products and Distribute Products. Analytical and Communication skills along with a keen interest in Business are essential.

  • Plan & Schedule – MRP Planning
  • Supply Products – Ordering Teams
  • Distribute Products – Transport, Despatch, Distribution Solutions (Kanban etc), Physical Logistics


There are a limited number of placements in the control tower. These are available to students studying AS/A level or equivalent and who want to pursue an ATC career.


This broad department supports individuals in all matters relating to their employment from pay to promotions to pensions. Administrative, organisational, personal and computer skills are ideal here.


Good administration is essential in any organisation. This area will give students the opportunity to learn about these roles in a busy office environment.


A diverse function split into 5 mains streams. Good communication skills will be needed as you may be dealing with various departments responsible for the future development of the Airbus sites. You will be involved in some or all of the areas listed below:

  • Project & Energy management;
  • General Services – Management of Suppliers i.e. Cleaning & catering services, waste disposal etc;
  • Master Planning and Space planning – Looking at a 5 to 20 year plan of the manufacturing site and utilisation of CAD to plan office layouts;
  • Maintenance of Buildings and Plant equipment. (Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Quantity Surveyor, Structural Engineer);
  • Airfield Operations;
  • Performance and Improvement (we require strong IT skills for this area).

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