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As well as our Work Experience Programmes and Site Tours, there are numerous opportunities to interact with Airbus such as:

Employability Events

Airbus recognises the value of preparing pupils for the world of work and is keen to support pupils who are interested in a career in the aerospace industry. We participate in numerous events such as mock interviews, careers fairs, careers talks, etc. For years 5 and 6 (ages 9-11) we participate in Reading Buddies and Numbers Partners.

Educational workshops (Cabin Design Workshop, Theory of flight, Flying Start Challenge)

These are interactive practical activities that are mainly supported by Airbus’ graduates and apprentices to engage and enthuse pupils’ of various ages. The workshops may be full or a half day and have a strong STEM focus featuring work relating to Airbus and the aero industry.

Industrial Cadets

Industrial Cadets is an exciting opportunity for schools to enrich the curriculum for 12-14 year olds with an inspiring programme of activities that explore careers in industry and manufacturing – and to support students to achieve a nationally-recognised accreditation. Students participate in a 10 week programme analysing environmental issues and are mentored by Airbus engineers. Students submit their reports at the end of the 10 week programme and graduate as “Industrial Cadets”.

National/Regional Interactive events (e.g. Big Bang, Regional Skills Shows, TEENTECH, etc.)

These events have a strong emphasis on STEM subjects and are aimed at pupils from primary school age through to A level, whilst others are aimed specifically at pupils seeking a career with Airbus. 

For more information, or to request a site tour for your school/college please contact:

Steve Edwards (Broughton) steve.edwards.external@airbus.com

Martin Dines (Filton) m.dines@etrust.org.uk

To see all of our activities please visit our events calendar

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