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Future Projects

Dave - Head of UK Future Projects Office

“Graduates have always made a valuable and enthusiastic contribution to the Future Projects Office. They are an essential element in ensuring the right balance of experience and fresh ideas within the team, and they can often bring new viewpoints or question existing perceived wisdom, which is vital when developing new aircraft concepts. Future Projects is a very varied environment so there is always something different to work on and personal experience can contribute in many situations.

Through their placements during the DEG programme, graduates also help to bring the views of customers, manufacturing and other departments back into Future Projects to help us keep all the aspects and drivers of the design in the correct balance. 

Over the years our graduates have gone on to senior positions both within Future Projects and elsewhere in Airbus, where experience of the overall design of the aircraft and its operation is essential to ensure that Airbus continues to produce the best aircraft possible.”

Entry requirements

We are looking for an individual with a creative, adaptable mind demonstrating high levels of initiative and autonomy, to work in an exciting and continuously evolving environment. Excellent technical, team working and communication skills are essential.

Suitable degrees include an accredited MEng or an international equivalent, or a non-engineering degree plus MSc in a related subject.

About Future Projects

The Future Projects Office offers an excellent opportunity to be involved with and influence the next generation of Airbus products during the early phases of design.  The work is ideally suited to those with a strong interest in the whole aircraft, including all aspects of its performance, design, manufacture and operation.

Future Projects supports a wide variety of work, including assisting in Research and Technology projects, as well as providing technical answers for marketing and aircraft programmes regarding the feasibility of new aircraft designs and derivatives.

The department consists of around 135 members based across the major European Airbus design sites. Twenty five people are based in the UK where the focus is on Wing and Landing Gear, and overall aircraft design concepts. This size and structure helps create a strong and friendly team atmosphere with almost every project being multi-national.

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