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Applications to the UK Early Careers Programmes

Filling in your application form:

Please read these competencies and use examples in your application where appropriate as Airbus will be looking for evidence of them in any examples of work and life experiences.

You might also want to think about the following when filling in your application form:

  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Knowledge and interest in the industry/business area
  • Membership of relevant societies or bodies
  • Relevant internship
  • Work experience. Key elements of how candidates can relate experience in terms of learning, personal growth and key behaviours
  • Languages

Be aware that you are only able to submit one application for this programme (this is applicable to the Direct Entry Graduate Programme, Internships and Apprenticeships), so the application form gives you a chance to select a second option within your application.

Submission of more than one application may result in you being withdrawn from our process.


The application process for entry to our Early Career programmes is open to applicants from the UK and overseas, providing you meet the eligibility criteria of our programme. This includes written and oral fluency in English.

On the application you will be asked to inform us of your work status. Information is available on the home office website: http://www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk/.  

The supply of incorrect information will result in your application being withdrawn from our process.

DEG and Internship applicants only:

It is important to us that our graduates hold an accredited degree to both confirm the standard of their qualification, and to ensure they have the capacity to gain Chartership without the need for additional study.

If you are an Engineering graduate or undergraduate visit http://www.engc.org.uk/ to check whether your degree is fully accredited for Chartered Engineer.

Please attach to your application proof of your degree accreditation.

Note that the dates given on the website relate to the year the course was started not completed. For European students, the Engineering Council will be able to advise you if your qualifications are recognised and equivalent to a Masters in Engineering. You can also visit www.feani.org/site/index.php?id=110 where you can check your accreditation.

Managing your application

To help you manage your application more effectively, you can save your application and return to complete it at a later date. To do this, you will need to remember your user name and password for the “candidate’s cockpit”, where you started your application. You can also log into the cockpit, to change any of your personal details, for example, phone numbers and addresses.

The only relevant tabs for the UK Apprenticeship, DEG and Internship Programmes are:

  • Personal Details
  • Education
  • Cover Letter
  • Attachments
  • Questionnaire.

Please consider that your selection starts as soon as you submit your application form. We will be looking at your application for the quality as well as qualifications, so please ensure you spend time on it.

It is mandatory to upload a CV!

When you return to the candidate cockpit, you will see there are new areas/tabs to fill in information. This is only relevant if you have released your profile and you want to be considered for other vacancies within EADS.

When inputting your education details you need to manually input information about your educational establishment.

Throughout the process, should you no longer wish to proceed with your application, you can withdraw your application via the candidate cockpit.

Once you have submitted your application, you will not be able to amend any of the questionnaire data.   

Be aware that all correspondence will be done via email. We will not send letters to you in the post, so you should regularly check your email for any correspondence from us.  It is, therefore, important that the email address you include in your application is one you use regularly.  

To allow us to communicate with you efficiently and ensure that none of our email correspondence with you is lost, you should check your spam filters as emails can sometimes get diverted into junk mail.

Information DEG applicants only:

You can only apply to one business area in the application process. Within this application group you will be asked to suggest your second choice business area and reasons why. We can then make sure that when we take your application through a full process, your application will be considered for this second choice, should you first choice not be available.

If you do apply to more than one application group we will only accept the first application and the rest will be rejected.

Information for Apprentice applicants only:

When inputting your education, if you are still at school or your most recent education was at school, please select ‘X-Schools UK’ from the drop down box, you can then manually input your school in the ‘Educational Establishment’ free text box.

After you have applied


All applications are screened to check that you meet our basic entry requirements.

Online psychometric tests (DEG applicants only)

Those who get through the initial screening will be invited to complete various online tests. These are designed to evaluate your numerical, verbal and logical reasoning. You will have up to seven days to complete them. These skills will then be re-tested later on in the recruitment process.

The best way to prepare for these is to complete a few practice tests beforehand. You’ll find a selection at http://www.shldirect.com/.

If you pass the online tests, your application will be submitted to the relevant business area(s). They will then decide whether to bring you forward to the next stage.

Interviews and Assessment Centres (DEG, Internship and Undergraduate Apprenticeship Applicants)

The next stage of the recruitment process is either an invite to an interview or an assessment centre, which will take place in Filton or Broughton. You will be notified which you are being invited to.  All DEG applicants will be invited to an assessment.

You will be assessed alongside a number of other candidates and participate in various exercises, including:

  • Group working
  • Business scenario presentation (DEG & Intern only)
  • Competency interview
  • Technical interview (relating to the business area you are applying for DEG & Intern only)
  • Problem solving ability tests or Academic tests for Undergraduate Apprentices

The day also offers the opportunity to meet the assessors and representatives from relevant business areas.

An offer

We aim to let you know the outcome of the assessment as soon as possible by phone. A verbal offer over the phone is followed by the relevant paperwork being sent to you.   

Security and medical clearance  

If you accept our offer, we will then take you through our medical and security clearance procedure, during which we validate your references and work history. Once you have been cleared, we will confirm your start date.

What happens next?

Between your start date confirmation and your actual start date we will send you the details for a series of online web chats. These give you the opportunity to speak with mangers from the business, recruitment team members, other people who are members of your cohort, as well as current early career programme participants.

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