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GEDC Airbus Diversity Award

Airbus and the GEDC (Global Engineering Deans Council), the leading international organisation for the advancement of engineering education and research are pleased to announce the finalists for the 2014 GEDC Airbus Diversity Award. The three finalists are from Australia and USA and were chosen from over 20 candidates from 12 countries.

Find out more about the finalists and their projects at http://diversityinengineering.com/2014award/.

The award was developed and funded by Airbus in partnership with the GEDC in 2013 to recognise individuals who have been proactive in bringing more diversity into the engineering student body, and to reward initiatives which encourage young people of all profiles and backgrounds to study and succeed in engineering.

The long term aim is to increase diversity among the global community of engineers so that the engineering industry reflects the diversity of the communities it supports. It will also ensure that more students have the opportunity to experience and value working in diverse teams during their studies and inspire them to join a profession which offers exciting career opportunities around the world.

Last October the inaugural Diversity Award went to Ana Lazarin from Wichita State University (WSU), USA, for her outreach, recruitment and retention programs which have increased the number of under-represented minority students in the College of Engineering at WSU by 91% over the last 5 years. Ana Lazarin received 10,000 USD from Airbus to support her work in this field.

By diversity we mean the inclusion of individuals that represent variations in gender, race, ethnic background, disability, sexual orientation, age, socio-economic status, nationality and other non-visible differences resulting in an environment rich in intellectual variety and respect for the individual, and optimally suited to address the technological, business and societal needs of the future.*

Find out more about the 2014 Diversity Award at diversityinengineering.com, where you can also explore examples from the 2013 finalists and shortlisted candidates.

Airbus is a corporate member of the GEDC (Global Engineering Deans Council), a leading global organisation whose members are responsible for setting the agenda for higher education in engineering in their countries and universities.


* Source: American Society of Engineering Education [http://www.asee.org/about-us/policy/diversity] and Airbus

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