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Apprenticeships in France

The highly technical nature of the aircraft industry creates a huge need for skilled and qualified specialists. Which is why our sites run specialist programmes to train people in the techniques and processes involved. The core professions are:

  • Lean
  • Configuration Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Composite Manufacturing Engineering & Assembly
  • Composite Design & Stress
  • Electrical Integration

We also offer apprenticeships in painting, engineering and management.

As part of the programme you will get to work alongside experienced Airbus employees, gaining invaluable insight in areas such as mechanics, electrics and outfitting.

Similar to an apprenticeship, the ‘Contrat de Professionnalisation’ leads to a professional qualification through a programme that combines theory and on-the-job training.


All our positions can be found by clicking the “Apply Now” button (top left column) and following the search process.

Our own private vocational college

The Lycée Professionel Privé des Métiers de l'Aéronautique in Toulouse is for students aged 15 to 17, and above for apprentices. You can take your apprenticeship with other vocational colleges in Nantes, St. Nazaire and Toulouse. Applications are only accepted if you have the validation of a vocational college. While students from other nationalities can apply, all participants complete a course adapted to the French curriculum.

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