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Frequently Asked Questions

The following Frequently Asked Questions address many of the typical queries concerning Airbus, its operations, products, and company-related topics.


Q. What is Airbus?
A. Airbus is a company based in Toulouse, France. It is incorporated under French law as a simplified joint stock company or SAS (Société par Actions Simplifiée). Find out more
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Q. Where can I find the company’s organisation chart?
A. Airbus does not publish a detailed organisation chart, however you can find information on the structure of the company and on its top executives on the Management overview page.
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Q. Can I buy shares in Airbus?
A. No, not directly, Airbus is a group company and this company's shares can be purchased and sold on the major European stock exchanges.
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Q. How do Airbus aircraft help prevent the spread of airborne infections during flight?
A. The Airbus family of jetliners utilises highly advanced air filters with an efficiency higher than 99.9 per cent. Together with highly controlled air circulation patterns with no longitudinal flow, even the most miniscule particles and organic material are efficiently and quickly removed from the cabin. 
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Q. How can I contact the Airbus Press Office?
A. For accredited journalists only, Airbus has a network of worldwide press representatives, which should be your the first point of contact.
If you wish to know the contact details of our representative in your area please e-mail the address below, providing information to identify yourself, the publication for which you work and your interest in Airbus.
Send an e-mail to
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Q. How do I get an account for Airbus On Line Services?
A. If you work for a company which subscribes to Airbus On Line Services, you need to contact the appointed administrator within your company.
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Q. What sort of aircraft does Airbus manufacture?
A. Airbus’ market-leading product line of commercial jetliners comprises aircraft ranging from 100 seats to more than 500 seats. 

For more information about individual Airbus aircraft, go to Aircraft Families.
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Q. Where are Airbus aircraft manufactured?
A. Sub-sections of Airbus aircraft are manufactured in different Airbus plants across Europe. This trans-national process is structured around key manufacturing units, each of which is responsible for producing a complete section of the aircraft for delivery to the final assembly lines. Airbus has final assembly line locations in Toulouse, France, Hamburg, Germany and Tianjin, China, as well as a new facility in Mobile, Alabama, which is scheduled to deliver its first aircraft in 2016.
Find out more on Airbus production.
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Q. How do I find out more about the operation and maintenance of Airbus aircraft?
A. For all questions related to the operation and maintenance of Airbus aircraft, we ask our operators, customers and industry colleagues to use the privileged channels that are available to them through our Airbus offices worldwide. Furthermore Airbus has established a global network of resident customer support managers. Their role is to facilitate customers’ access to the entire range of support services available and ensure customers’ needs are met.
To find out how to contact your nearest Airbus representative, go to the support section
For any question regarding spares parts, you can contact us at:
You can also go to the specialised Airbus web site on spares at:
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Q. What technical documentation is freely available on-line for Airbus aircraft?

You can find freely available technical documentation in the Technical data page of our support section.

More are available in the specialised customer portal at upon subscription.

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Q. Where can I get Airbus training manuals and courseware?
A. All Airbus training documentation is distributed to trainees during their training course. It is not publicly available.
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Q. How do I go about leasing or purchasing an Airbus aircraft?
A. Airbus does not encourage contacts on such commercial issues via its web site. However should you wish to clearly identify yourself as a potential purchaser, and send us an overview of your business plan to establish an airline operation, a member of Airbus’ Customer Affairs team will contact you upon its review. Send details to:
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Q. I will be flying on an Airbus, where can I find information about the seating arrangements and cabin?
A. A general description of cabin comfort is included for each Airbus aircraft in the Aircraft Families section of this web site.

For specific information about the aircraft you will be flying on, it is necessary to contact the operating airline. Many airline web sites include layouts and seat descriptions, together with an overview of the different levels of service offered.

Airbus does not manufacture aircraft seats, and the number of seats and interior arrangement in an aircraft are highly customised according to each airline’s requirements.

A list of the web sites of most of the airlines flying Airbus aircraft can be found in the customers & operators page of this web site. Enjoy your flight !
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Q. How safe is flying?
A. Flying on a modern jet aircraft such as any member of the Airbus family is amongst the safest and most reliable forms of travel. All Airbus aircraft meet the certification requirements of aviation authorities worldwide. Airbus works hand in hand with these authorities to ensure standards are maintained and enhanced.
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Q. How can I apply for a job at Airbus?
A. An on-line recruitment tool is available to apply for open positions and internships with Airbus. Click here to learn more.
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Q. Can I use the photographs/multimedia I find on the Airbus web site?
A. Commercial utilisation of the photographs and multimedia on the Airbus web site is prohibited. Non-commercial use is allowed at certain conditions.
Full details of the copyright can be found at Airbus policy and certificates.
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Q. What are aircraft made of?
A. A variety of materials are used in the primary structure of our modern aircraft family.
Whilst aluminium is the traditional material for aircraft construction, and is still used extensively throughout an aircraft's structure, metal is being replaced by composites in many areas. Composite Structure typically represents around 30% of a modern aircraft structure. For example, composites make up more than 50 per cent of the airframe for Airbus’ latest jetliner: the A350 XWB. 
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Q. How does an engine work?
A. The question is best addressed to engine manufacturers. At Airbus we work with all the major engine manufacturers: General Electric, Rolls-Royce, Pratt and Whitney, IAE and CFMI. Find their websites on our links page.
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Q. How can I purchase Airbus merchandise such as models, posters, clothing, etc.?
A. Official Airbus merchandise highlighting the company and its aircraft – including models, posters, apparel and more – is available for purchase online at “Let’s shop Airbus”:
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Q. Where does Airbus stand on the environment?
A. Airbus wants the aviation industry to focus on becoming an eco-efficient one. Innovation and technology are key elements to Airbus’ eco-efficiency, as well as cross-sector and cross-industry collaboration. Airbus also believes it will achieve its environmental targets by implementing a life-cycle approach and eco-efficiency methodology to all operations – environmental considerations are central to Airbus processes and products.

Among the internal and external efforts supported by Airbus is its partnership with National Geographic in support of the Green Wave – which aims to raise awareness among children, young people, families and educators on the importance of biodiversity. Green Wave also supports schools around the world in educating tomorrow's decision-makers on the crucial tasks of protecting Earth's biodiversity and halting its loss.

For additional information, see the Eco-efficiency section of the Airbus website.
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Q. How can I visit an Airbus factory?
A. Tours are organised at the main factories in Toulouse (France) and Hamburg, Bremen and Stade (Germany).

For Toulouse, contact: Taxiway
Village Aeroconstellation, rue Franz Joseph Strauss, 31700 Blagnac, France
Tel: +33 (0) 5 34 39 42 00
Fax: +33 (0) 5 34 39 42 05

For Hamburg, Bremen and Stade, contact: Globetrotter Tours 
Postbox 14 45, 25404 Pinneberg, Germany
Tel: + 49 (0) 40 743-73975
Fax:  +49 (0) 40 743-72686
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