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Access conditions

GTC (General Terms and Conditions) must be agreed in writing between Airbus and the User Company

The Company Registration Form must be filled in, signed and sent back to Airbus with the GTC.

Point of contact

For any registration information, please contact your Airbus Focal Point: Contract Manager, Customer Support Director or Airbus Contact.

If your company has already signed the GTC, please contact your Airbus Online Services Administrator to request a user account.

Delegated user administration

End User administration is delegated to User Companies under the GTC contractual coverage.

A User Entity Administrator (UEA) is designated by the User Company and is in charge of:

  • Creating end-user accounts
  • Allocating access rights to services granted by Airbus to the User Company 

    To this effect, Airbus opens a “delegated administration interface” as an on-line tool offered to the Administrator with a full service package:
  • Declaration and access rights creation (based on the GTC)
  • User guide, on-line help and training as required