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Cabin & related systems upgrades

Airbus Upgrade Services can revolutionise an in-service cabin to maximise passenger appeal and experience.


The cabin is an important element of an aircraft, where airlines create the passenger experience, which is evolving following global trends in comfort and services.  

In order to provide the best possible passenger experience, Airbus aircraft operators can adapt their cabin to satisfy passengers’ expectations. Airbus Upgrade Services is best-positioned to provide operators with world-class integration services – from light cabin refurbishment to full cabin reconfiguration.

Keeping up with new trends and requirements

Keeping up with new trends and requirements

Airbus offers customers a complete selection of options for upgrading the cabin during the jetliner’s lifecycle to:

  • Differentiate the airline’s brand image
  • Fulfil the passengers’ expectations
  • Adapt to market trends  
  • Harmonize the carrier’s fleet 
  • Add value to the aircraft
  • Maximise operator revenues 

The cabin is the real revenue generator for the airline, vital to its success. Airbus offers interior layout and service solutions which allow the operator to best compete in the market, while satisfying its passengers.

Our scope of services

Airbus Upgrade Services integrates solutions from minor modification to full cabin retrofit, covering a range of customer requirements including improved cabin appeal and passenger comfort, as well as complying with regulations. In addition, Airbus also supports its operators through all phases of the project, from solution and definition to support for embodiment – offering a full turnkey retrofit. 

Our scope of services

Airbus’ solutions cover the needs of all customers: passenger airlines, leasing companies, freighter companies, corporate jets, VIPs and military derivatives. This extends from the first A300 to Airbus’ modern and efficient product line – the A320 Family, A330 Family, A350 XWB and the A380 – with a balance of: 

  • Tailor-made solutions 
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Engineering
  • Industrialisation
  • Certification


With Airbus Upgrade Services’ unmatched knowledge of the aircraft cabin, it can provide the best solutions for upgrade projects, based on the original type certificate with the following benefits:

  • Modifications and configuration management
  • Fully integrated documentation
  • Knowledge from numerous delivery configurations and new aircraft definitions
  • EASA/FAA-certified service bulletins recognised worldwide

Airbus builds on its world-class experience with the latest technologies and trends in cabin design and passenger services for new aircraft programmes like the A380 and A350 XWB, which upgrade current aircraft fleets to even higher standards. 

What can we retrofit?

Airbus offers a full range of upgrade solutions for its entire family of jetliners, tailored to meet operators’ specific cabin requirements:  

Seating and passenger layouts

  • Passenger seats
  • In-seat power system
  • Cabin attendant seats

In-flight entertainment 

  • High speed SATCOM
  • Replacement of CRT overhead video with new light weight LCD

Cabin monuments 

  • Cabin crew rest rooms
  • Stowage
  • Galleys
  • Lavatories


General cabin 

  • Linings and furnishings
  • Floor covering
  • Passenger supply channel
  • Curtain partitions
  • Ancillary equipment
  • Placards and marking
  • Cabin emergency equipment

Cabin systems 

  • Medical outlets
  • Passenger oxygen
  • Emergency lighting
  • Connectivity
  • Cabin general illumination
  • Cabin intercommunication data systems (CIDS)

From concept to production: technical expertise, and high-quality renderings to current production standards.

Cabin systems

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