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Airframe & systems upgrades

Should an Airbus operator wish to upgrade its aircraft or any aspect of its airframe or systems, Airbus Upgrade Services is in the best possible position to assist.

Keeping up with new requirements

As air traffic demand increases over the coming years, the aviation sector must cater to the new systems needs required to support the growth. Airbus offers the latest technology standards for avionics capability and aircraft performance. 

Whether the enhancements are for safety, or the need for more efficient flight trajectories, upgrades facilitate reductions in cost, time, fuel consumption and emissions, while maintaining the highest air safety standards.

Refining aircraft to suit operators’ needs

Various operators use Airbus aircraft for different purposes, including bulk passenger carriage, corporate jet operations and freight transport, on routes ranging from ultra-long haul to high-frequency short range.  Operators may also need more range or payload to satisfy the market demand.

Whatever the aircraft role, Airbus Upgrade Services supplies innovative cost effective solutions which can make in-service aircraft even more competitive.

Airbus Upgrade Services can:

  • Enhance and customise aircraft performance
  • Improve flight efficiency
  • Align with new regulations
  • Adopt latest materials and technology 
  • Customise configuration to suit regional needs
  • Change the aircraft’s role: 

    • Freighter conversion
    • VIP conversion
    • Cargo loading systems

  • Harmonize fleet configuration
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Grow revenues
  • Enhance the aircraft market value 
  • Reduce noise and emissions
  • Enhance safety


Airbus Upgrade Services offers a variety of solutions tailored to the specific needs of its customers, which deliver improvements for a variety of operators’ requirements:

Flight Operations

  • Extended range operations
  • Operating weight adjustments
  • Narrow runway operations
  • Additional centre fuel tanks
  • Aerodynamic improvements

Enhanced safety

  • Fuel tank inerting system
  • Enhanced communications
  • Landing systems
  • Meeting new regulations

Avionics upgrade

  • Precise navigation capability
  • Data link communication
  • Flight management systems
  • LCD displays
  • Weather radar upgrade
  • Electronic Flight Bag

Environmental awareness

  • More precise routing
  • Efficient flight planning
  • Lower fuel burn
  • Reduced emissions
  • Noise reduction
  • Material changes

Aircraft role change

  • Passenger-to-freighter conversion
  • Cargo loading systems


Precise navigation capability
Low fuel burn
Passenger to freighter

Precise navigation capability, low fuel burn, passenger to freighter.

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