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Simulation products and support

Nicknamed “GO5”, Airbus Simulation Products and Support is the single point of contact for the supply of Aircraft Data Package, Simulation Software Package, Aircraft parts and Equipment for Full Flight Simulators (FFS). The standard configuration for all Airbus training devices is one of the most important aspects of GO5.

The GO5 offer includes: 

  • Data Package (DP) based on IATA flight simulator design and performance requirements. It contains between 500 and 1,000 aircraft documents: design, modelling, operation and maintenance, validation, sounds and vibration, configuration management data;

  • Simulation Software Package (SSP) which has two components: Electronic Flight Control System (EFCS) and Flight Warning System (FWS) soft package for A320, A330, and A340 family aircraft.  For the new A350 XWB and A380, GO5 provides an indivisible package covering: flight controls, flight warning, Air Traffic Control (ATC), aerodynamic, ground and engine models, electrics, high-lift system, fuel models and Network Server System (NSS)/FSA NG;

  • Equipment set to be selected from a list of 150 items in our full set of aircraft components;

  • Standard kit of Airbus proprietary aircraft parts (around 200 items).

Airbus also offers additional services such as updates of Data Package (DP) and Simulation Software Package (SSP) and onsite support for initial qualification of an Airbus training device.

Did you know?

More than 1000 course offerings are now available in Airbus training catalogue, for all aircraft types and personnel profiles: pilots, cabin crews, performance and operations engineers, maintenance staff, structure and repair specialists.


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