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Maintenance & Structure

Airbus proposes a broad range of certifying and specialized courses covering all maintenance and structure-related activities. These courses can also be tailored to fit recurrent training needs or to cope with specific operating issues: 

  • Certifying courses approved by multiple national airworthiness authorities (full and difference courses);

  • Specialized courses covering more specific tasks such as general familiarisation, engine run-up and taxiing, line and base maintenance, and more;

  • Recurrent training to maintain and improve technical knowledge of aircraft systems and technologies 

  • Initial Operating Experience (IOE), to support customers at aircraft service entry and throughout the full operational life cycle of their Airbus jetliners.

  • Airbus Maintenance Instructor Course (AMIC), a unique programme designed to prepare future or experienced maintenance trainers to teach Airbus training courses in their own airline or training centre. 

Airbus competence training (ACT) for maintenance


Airbus Competence Training (ACT) is an Airbus-developed “learning by doing” concept approved by the airworthiness authorities. 

Employed in all Airbus training centres, the ACT concept has proven its efficiency through the certification of thousands of maintenance personnel and engineers. It is based on a fine combination of theoretical and practical training, supported by state-of-the-art virtual tools: Airbus courseware, virtual cockpit, and virtual aircraft. With ACT, active learning is introduced at an early stage of the training and thus, real time practice on aircraft is reduced by half.  

Mobile solutions can be proposed to bring the ACT trainer and Airbus instruction to customer’s facilities.

Airbus structure training


Airbus’ structure training portfolio ranges from damage assessment at line mechanics and maintenance controller level, to execution of the repair solution for structure specialists (metallic and composite repairs) and repair solution design for engineering personnel. Thus, aircraft operators can benefit from Airbus expertise to improve their dispatch reliability, in-house capability, as well as ensure the safety of their operations. 

New composite repair shop facilities in Toulouse and Beijing training centres have been set up, allowing the best practices of composite structure repair. This training expertise can be brought at customers’ facilities through composite repair mobile kit.

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Did you know?

More than 1000 course offerings are now available in Airbus training catalogue, for all aircraft types and personnel profiles: pilots, cabin crews, performance and operations engineers, maintenance staff, structure and repair specialists.


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