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Cabin crew training

Why train your cabin crew with Airbus?

Airbus cabin training offers an outstanding “learning by doing” approach which enables trainees to optimise their learning time and adapt teaching rhythm to their needs. Trainees benefit from Airbus’ multi-qualified and experienced cabin crew instructors to acquire advanced knowledge and best practices. 

In terms of training media, Airbus has designed software based on the latest aircraft cabin development (e.g. the virtual cabin, the virtual handset trainer and Flight Attendant Panel trainer), providing trainees with a virtual reality of the entire cabin interior and functionalities. With this media, trainees can perfect/fine-tune their knowledge of cabin systems and emergency procedures. 

Cabin crew courses

Type specific cabin training

Type specific cabin training is designed to enhance crews’ knowledge with information and operational instruction on Airbus aircraft and cabin systems. This course also enables airline’s cabin crew instructors to develop and enrich their own training programmes and update their operating manuals.

Duration: 3 or 4 days depending on the aircraft programme


Cabin crew enhanced FAP module

The Enhanced FAP module is designed to provide trainees already familiar with the A320 Family or A330/A340 family classic Flight Attendant Panel (FAP) with the practical knowledge and operations of the enhanced FAP.

Duration: 1 day


Corporate jet cabin training

Derived from the above "Type specific cabin training courses", the Corporate jet cabin training provides descriptive information and operational instructions on Airbus corporate jet aircraft and cabin systems.

Duration: 2 days


Train the Trainer (Airbus Cabin crew Instructor Course)

The Airbus Cabin crew Instructor Course (ACIC) aims to train existing and future airline instructors in the development and delivery of cabin crew training within their own airline. The ACIC allows trainees to develop competence in instruction, facilitation, feedback and presentation skills.

Duration: 5 days


Initial Operating Experience (IOE)

Initial Operating Experience (IOE) provides airlines with line training during the entry-into-service of the aircraft with an Airbus instructor. This service provides assistance to operating cabin crew with their knowledge of the new aircraft cabin, systems, and safety equipment.


Cabin Training Suite

Airbus has developed the Cabin training suite, an integrated service package deployed at customer's bases allowing airlines to cover their cabin crew’s initial and recurrent training needs. The Cabin training suite is composed of Cabin Knowledge Modules (CKM), virtual cabin, Flight Attendant Panel (FAP) trainer and virtual handset trainer (for A350 and A380 only). This all-in-one solution offers long term support to ensure airlines’ safe and optimized operations, while significantly reducing the total cost of training.

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Did you know?

More than 300 courses are available in Airbus training catalogue, for all aircraft types and personnel profiles: pilots, cabin crew, flight operations and performance engineers, maintenance staff, structure and repair specialists

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