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Cabin crew

To ensure a successful service entry, safe aircraft operations and passenger care, Airbus also provides cabin crew training courses:

  • Type specific cabin training, designed and customized with a high level of practical training, enhances the knowledge of cabin crew on Airbus aircrafts and interior systems;

  • Cabin Crew Enhanced FAP (CIDS) module trains cabin crew on the Flight Attendant Panel (FAP) differences from classic to enhanced CIDS, using the FAP trainer;

  • Initial Operating Experience (IOE) supports cabin crew at aircraft service entry, with Airbus instructors dedicated to transmitting the company’s best practices;

  • Airbus Cabin crew Instructor Course (ACIC) provides training to airline pursers, already operating or about to operate on Airbus aircraft, to the level of proficiency necessary to conduct trainings in their own airline.

Unequalled realism is provided through innovative training tools: Flight Attendant Panel (FAP) trainer, door trainers and virtual cabin. 

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Did you know?

More than 1000 course offerings are now available in Airbus training catalogue, for all aircraft types and personnel profiles: pilots, cabin crews, performance and operations engineers, maintenance staff, structure and repair specialists.


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