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Avionics & simulation

Our Profile

Avionics and Simulation develops and builds systems that optimise aircraft performance, such as fly-by-wire equipment.

As an integral part of Airbus, Avionics and Simulation develops and builds systems that optimise aircraft performance, responsible for providing electronic and software expertise that Airbus business requires.

Avionics and Simulation is dedicated to supply its customers with reliable high-tech products. But it is also an organization qualified for ensuring the high quality services required to get the best of its products all around the world. 

Leaning on four repair centers (Toulouse, Miami, Singapore, and Beïjing), it ensures support (technical and commercial) in order to provide our customers with optimum product availability. It is organised around three complementary product lines: Avionics, Simulation, and Simulation Training Support. 

Airbus Avionics and Simulation is consistently ranked amongst the top ten suppliers of Airbus by clients in terms of quality of service.

Our Mission

The Centre develops important products that contribute to the excellence of Airbus aircraft regarding competitors and concerns: 

Avionics for:

  • The design and the realisation of fly-by-wire system equipment.

Simulation for:

  • Engineering simulators.
  • Training simulators: Supply of data packages and of sub-assemblies (Aircraft parts, equipment and Simulation Packages).

Our Skills

Avionics and Simulation has developed high-level skills in the disciplines of:

  • Electronics: high density integration, resistant to extreme weather condition and high reliability.
  • Software: on-board, real-time software at high level of safety
  • Integration of the functions in on-board systems, as well as in the engineering or training simulators

Certificates and Capability List

Production Approval

Repair Station Approvals (Airbus)


Other Quality Certificates

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Did you know?

More than 300 courses are available in Airbus training catalogue, for all aircraft types and personnel profiles: pilots, cabin crew, flight operations and performance engineers, maintenance staff, structure and repair specialists

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