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  • FAST #54 / August 2014
    • - Telemetry Centre
    • - Greener solutions: cleaner chemicals with MPSP
    • - Non-DestructiveTesting
    • - Structure Health Monitoring
    • - Importance of reporting events from the field
    • - A320 Family noise reduction

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  • - Ground lightning protection- Handling Qualities Analysis- Towards a high European air traffic demand- Volcanic eruptions: Ashes to AVOID- FAST from the past- We've got it covered
  • - A clean APU means clean cabin air
    - Electrical hoist kit to ease engine mounting
    - Fleet performance online toolbox
    - Retrofit solutions for AP/FD TCAS
    - Repairing wing fuel tank access panel leakage
    - Sub-freezing Pre conditionel Air
    - FAST from the past
    - We've got it covered
  • This edition of Airbus’ FAST technical magazine is a special issue dedicated to the company’s A350 XWB, which made headlines around the globe with its first flight, performed on 14 June 2013. Included in this edition are feature articles on the new-generation jetliner’s advanced cockpit, intelligent airframe, systems, testing and cabin & cargo design; as well as information on the aircraft’s testing programme, future airline operations, customer involvement and more.
  • - Customer Services- eTaxi- A320 Family Sharklet retrofit- Widespread Fatigue Damage- Optimized spare parts investment- Managing aircraft security- Airport taxiing- Customer Services Worldwide
  • - Fuel and emissions efficiency- Airbus Fuel and Flight Efficiency Consulting Services- The 4D-trajectory management- Airbus Technical AOG Centre- Cabin air quality: The key to a comfortable flight- Space-Flex- Passenger com- Customer Services- FAST magazine quiz- Customer Services Worldwide
  • - Customer Services- Spare part commonality- Biomimicry- Radio Altimeter systems- ELISE Consulting Services- The ‘Clean Sky’ initiative- Altimeters- Customer Services Worldwide
  • - Customer Services Events- The Airbus High Tyre Pressure Test- Damage tolerant composite fuselage sizing- Flight Data Recovery- FANS for A320 and A330/A340 Families- Wing tests- Customer Services Worldwide
  • - Demonstrating the green trajectory- Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B)- Optical fibre on aircraft- A300/A310 Family optimized air-vent inlet NACA Duct- Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)- Enhanced spare part engineering support
  • - Alternative fuels- Jet fuel contamination with FAME- Repair Design Approval- Head-Up Display system- SPICE- Galleys
  • - Introducing more eco-efficientchemical treatments for aircraft structure- Airbus new Auto Pilot/Flight Director TCAS mode- A320 Family Air & Bleed working group activities- A300-600 Extended Service Goal- A300 - First roll-out
  • - A320 Family- Fuel Tank Inerting System- Brake-to-Vacate system- Implementing RNP AR- Junkers G.38
  • - Hydraulic systems- A300-600/A310 PMAT- Future Air Traffic Management- C@DETS- Initial experience from the FAIR-OPS on-line forum- SESAR/Part II
  • - Flight Management Systems on commercial aircraft- New flight operations documentation for the A380- Fuel system water management- Blue-ice runway operations- Fuel system water management/Part II
    application/pdf FAST #42 / July 2008 – 12.65 MB
  • - Longer service life for the A320 Family- In Service A320 Family enhancement- AIRMAN Rep@ir Manager for A380- Airbus Pilot Instructor Courses (APIC)- Dynamic wiring in Airbus Technical Data- A300/A300-600 Krueger flap system- The gateway to excellence in pilot training/Part 2
  • - Going green- A318 steep approach capability- The Future Air Navigation System FANS B- Initial experience from the FAIR-ISP on-line forum- The first and the last of the A300/A310 Family
  • - Performance monitoring of In-Flight Entertainment systems- Electrical Load Analysis- Cargo configurations- Maintenance cost and reliability control- Phoning in flight- In-Flight Entertainment/Part 2
  • - Performance monitoring of IFE systems- The A380 maintenance programme is born!- Hypoxia - An invisible enemy- Fuel contamination
  • - Safety initiatives in Customer Services- Airbus cabin air quality- The European Aviation Safety Agency- Engine noise reduction programme- A380: Airport ready- Airbus Training Airport- Countering jet fuel price increases- Giants of the skies, past and present
  • - AFFC - Auto Fuel Feed Controller- Low fuel temperatures- AACT - Airbus Active learning and Competence focused Training- T2CAS - Terrain and Traffic Collision Avoidance System- A new concept for Service Bulletins- RFID - Radio Frequency IDentification
  • - Additional Center tanks- APT - Airbus Pilot Transition- Tools and Ground Support Equipment- AirN@v- The International Airlines Technical Pool- A380- Thirty years ago...
  • - Aging aircraft electrical systems investigation- Electrical protection devices- How to tackle bleed air leaks- Customised Spares Logistics- Aircraft Systems Maintenance Aids- A380 accommodation at airports- Airbus Customer Services events- From the archives... 100 years ago
  • - Escape slides & slide rafts- A380 - A solution for airports- Approach and Landing Accident Reduction- Preventing ignition sources inside fuel tanks- Anemometric leak detection- From the archives... Approach & landing/Part 2
  • - Just happened… Coming soon…- Advanced materials and technologies for A380 structure- Airbus Flight Operational Commonality in action- Revision of rules for Extended and Long Range Operations- Lithium thickened grease- From the archives... Extended Range Operations – The Beginning
  • - A340-500 Arctic flights- Just happened… Coming soon…- Potable water purity- Less maintenance, less costs- AirN@v: The Airbus solution for advanced consultation of interactive E-documentation- Index of previous articles- From the archives... Polar flying
  • - Just happened… Coming soon…- Flight Operations Monitoring program- Radio Frequency Identification for tracking tools- Upgrade Services- A340-600 Cabin- A330/A340 Electrical generation- Prize winning Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE) team- Customer Services- Flight operations monitoring/Part 2
  • - AIRMAN®- The A318: Enhancing the A320 family- Bar Coding on Airbus aircraft parts- Servicing of the Integrated Drive Generator- Airbus Service Bulletins- Aviation 100 years ago- Worldwide Airbus Customer Services- In a nutshell...
  • - LROPS- A340-500/-600 maturity programme- A380 maintenance status- Fuel system in the A319 Corporate Jetliner- Repair fasteners- In a nutshell...- Worldwide Airbus customer service- Passengers comfort at diversion airfields
  • - 100 years of powered flight- Fumigation of aircraft with carbon dioxide (CO2)- Flap rigging on the A320 family Shark Fin Tool- Cost reduction for initial spares investment- Less paper in the cockpit- Fuel leak repair- Worldwide Airbus Customer Services- In a nutshell..
  • - Dialogue- Portable Equipment for testing radomes- Methodology for analysis of operational interruption costs- A340-500/-600 Fuel system- Modern technology - What has changed?- Worldwide Airbus Customer Services- Changes to technology
  • - Customer Services Events- Maintenance cost analysis IATA/Airbus activities and results- New features in Illustrated Parts Catalog- QSR-WEB- A320 Main Landing Gear- Airbus Industrie Drawing Access- Worldwide Airbus Customer Services- Technology in the year 2000
  • - Support of leased Airbus aircraft- Supporting Airbus converted freighters- Inflatable shelter for aircraft engine maintenance- The Iron Bird- Customer Services conferences- Fog in the cabin- Airplane upset recovery- Getting the aircraft out on time- A test pilot's view point - Part 2- Resident Customer Support- Articles in previous issues
    application/pdf FAST #24 / May 1999 – 3.68 MB
  • - Training philosophy for protected aircraft in emergency situations- Common, reliable and punctual...- Avoiding elevator vibration - A319, A320, A321- Combining environment protection and windshield rain protection on Airbus aircraft- Customer services conferences- Service bulletin reporting- Resident customer support representation
  • -Hydraulic system-Fuel system -The international regulatory climate-Implementing jar-ops with airbus industrie operational documentation-The portable water detection tool for a300/a300-600/a310 aircraft-Lightning strikes and airbus fly-by-wire aircraft-Aim-fans wins growing number of orders-Customer services conferences-The first aviation regulation?-Resident customer support representation
  • -Cargo bay condensation and smoke warnings-Central maintenance system option package
    application/pdf FAST #21 / May 1997 – 1.15 MB
  • -Airbus fly-by-wire aircraft at a glance 2nd a330/a340 technical -symposium 4th airbus training symposium-Flying fauna and flora-Coming in from the cold-Airbus cabin air quality-Resident customer support representation-Coming in from the cold
  • -State-of-the-art training for State-of-the-art technology-Cabin air comfort-A320/A321 techincal symposium-Maintenance of aircraft paint systems-When mercury attacks-A340 - Performance as planned-Pilort guard systems-Resident customer support represenstation-Cabin air cimfort - Part 2
    application/pdf FAST #19 / March 1996 – 10.27 MB
  • -Infrared thermography for in-service inbspection-Flight in severe turbulence-Choosing an external paint scheme for your airline-100 in the shade-Ageing - The electrical connection - Part 2-Technical publications combined index-Resident customer support representation-Turbulent flight - part 2
    application/pdf FAST #18 / June 1995 – 10.89 MB
  • -Editorial-Towards the paperless aircraft-Innovative initial provisioning methds-Cross crew qualification and mixed fleet flying-AIMS-Fans, A flexible approach to CNS/ATM-Extended range twin engine operations-Pre-Flight Ice protection-Resident customer support representation
  • -A330/A340 central maintenance system-Evolution of the trouble shooting manual-A330/A340 Ramp handling
    application/pdf FAST #16 / April 1994 – 10.99 MB
  • -Improving Airworthiness directives-PW4000 FADEC-Electrical wiring installation-The Airbus Air-Transportable Hangar-Planning adequate oxygen supply-Rudder trim control-Field service representatives
  • -Advanced Technology and the pilot-Commonality-Trent - Reliability by design-Ageing - The electrical connection-A330/A340 Fuel-Field service representatives
  • -Hydraulic system - Working practices-Operational reliability performance-Airbus service bulletin computerization-Materials symposium-A300/A310/A300-600 technical symposium-Drag reduction-Field service representatives-Drag reduction part 2
  • -A320 technical symposium-Supplier conference-Maintenance planning data support-Advantages of containerisation on A320 and A321-Airbus service company INC., spares cener-Refinement of centre of gravity control system on A310-300-TCAS II-Operation in areas contaminated by crude oil smoke-Field service representatives-Longitundinal trimming made easy
  • -Heavy Maintenance Material provisioning-Understanding ageing aircraft-Computer software in aircraft-Lower operating costs for JT9D-7R4-Improved trouble shooting-Field service representatives-Engine reliability and EROPS
  • -Evolution of Hydro-Mechanical Components in the flight control system-A320 full scale fatigue testing-Operational reliability improvement programme -Maintenance programme development-Maintenence and repair - Do you need help?-Engine bleed air system on A300-600 and A319-Field service representatives-Structrual testing - Part 2
  • -Tyre servicing with Nitrogen-The Avionics workshop - What's new?-EGT Margin A300/CF6-50C2-Cold weather tests-Performance on wet or contaminated runways-Developments on the A300 Flap system-Performance analysis of Fly-By-Wire-Field service representatives-Blowing-up tyres
    application/pdf FAST #9 / July 1988 – 5.07 MB
  • -Composite materials-Improves IDG servicing on A310 and A300-600-Thrust reverser system-PWJT9D-7R4 rigging for enhanced durability-Dispatch reliability - Part 3-Online maintenance of A320 electronic systems a true revolution-Field service representatives-Thrust reverser system - Part 2
    application/pdf FAST #8/ July 1987 – 4.39 MB
  • -Cathode ray tubes, their effects on mainteneance practices-Interferences-Batteries - Control and Maintenance-A3100-300 fuel system and centre of gravity control-carbon brakes-simplified English-Dispatch Reliability - Part 2-Field service representatives-Battery Maintenance?
  • -Windshear-Dispatch reliability-sustained operations in hot weather-weight and balance system-innovative vasp-Cabin steps for Malaysian Airline system Airbus A300-Lateral trimming-Technical Aviation Consultants-Wright turn, left turn
  • -The modern wing of A310-Fuel conservationb part 5-Interferences-Flight control system-FQI system-Airbus field service information-What is in a wing?
    application/pdf FAST #05 / May 1985 – 4.63 MB
  • -Fuel conservation part 4-The aids installed on South African Airways Airbus A300-FQI probes-Retrofitable semi-Automatic cargo loading system for Airbus A300-The ring laser gyro-Airbus A300 Operations on short runways-Airbus field service information-Retrospect: Gyroscope
    application/pdf FAST #4 / 1984-2 – 4.52 MB
  • -Fuel conservation part 2-A300/Air France - Ten years maintenance experience-Corrosion - A natural penomenon-FFCC Retrofit concept-Braking Management-Airbus field service information-Mini side stick controller-once upon a stick
    application/pdf FAST #3 / 1983-2 – 4.68 MB
  • -Fuel conservation part 3-Braking Management-Lufthansa A300B4-Auxiliary fuel tank-Superior fire resistance-Bulk cargo door warning system -Minimum crew cockpit certification -Airbus field service information -"Fill her up!"
    application/pdf FAST #2 / 1984 – 4.69 MB
  • -Welcome Letter-Fuel saving Part 1-Pitch damper improvements-Digital Auto-Flight-Convertible in Action-Airbus Field Service information-UP.UP in a balloon
    application/pdf FAST # 1 / 1983 – 4.19 MB

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Airbus has an international network of support centres, training centres and spares stores, as well as 160 field offices around the world where nearly 300 resident customer support managers assist airlines in their daily operations.


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