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Supplier support

Getting world class supplier support

Airbus maintains a management and facilitation role for bilateral dealings with suppliers – managing the customer-supplier relationship, and ensuring suppliers’ performance in product, service and cost is kept at the highest level. Airbus has established a policy for bilateral dealings between customers and suppliers and maintains a management and facilitation role to ensure the success of this working method.

Airbus support standards are specified in the Supplier Support Conditions (SSC). Airbus further identifies areas where improvements can be made in the supply chain and implements action plans to achieve those improvements by actively collaborating with our suppliers, which facilitates customers’ in-service issues with suppliers and manages suppliers’ performance in line with purchase conditions.

Supplier Parts and Tool Packages – Being ready for a smooth take-off

Prior to a new aircraft’s service entry, the operator’s activities increase due to the organisation of the entry-into-service and the Initial Provisioning (IP) of parts and tools. Negotiations with numerous suppliers are held in order to be prepared for the new aircraft and the upcoming maintenance tasks.

An increasing number of customers want to reduce their workload at entry-into-service and shift responsibility of the initial parts procurement and logistics fully to Airbus, which packages and guarantees spares availability for a smooth service entry.

Did you know?

Airbus offers a huge variety of parts and tools to serve the customer’s needs. The size of a spare part can range from 5 mm to 12 m – the length of a vertical stabilizer for a long range aircraft.


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