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Logistics management

Comprehensive supply chain support, with full logistics management and optimisation

We provide comprehensive supply chain support, full logistics management and its optimization

Airbus offers transportation support for all parts ordered on Free Carrier (FCA), with customers nominating a forwarder to ensure the shipping process.  

For certain regions or in case specific shipping requirements cannot be handled by the customer’s forwarder, Airbus offers to arrange the transport though its own flexible and reliable logistics setup.

Customised spares logistics – time flies, so do Airbus spares

An increasing number of customers are concentrating on their core competences – flight and line maintenance – while entrusting other services such as spares transport and logistics to a reliable and operationally experienced provider, which maximises spares on-time availability and cost efficiency. With customised spares logistics, from order entry on, Airbus takes door-to-door responsibility for transport arrangements and the entire supply chain until the part reaches its destination. This guarantees timely deliveries with online shipment status transparency at all times. Airbus lifts spares where they belong: in the air.

Did you know?

Airbus offers a huge variety of parts and tools to serve the customer’s needs. The size of a spare part can range from 5 mm to 12 m – the length of a vertical stabilizer for a long range aircraft.


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