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General information

These documents provide a range of information for Airbus operators and aviation industry professionals.  They include ICAO/FAA airfield rescue firefighting categories for Airbus aircraft, and firefighters’ guidelines for lithium batteries on the A350 XWB. 

Also available for downloading are International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) aerodrome reference codes, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) design group listings, and aircraft approach categories for Airbus aircraft; along with updated tables for calculations in Airbus manuals involving Minimum Line-up Distance Corrections on Take-Off Distance Available (TODA) and Accelerate-Stop Distance Available (ASDA). 

Completing the information are guidelines on runway-installed aircraft arrestor cables, as well as a report from the International Industry Working Group report entitled: Commercial Aircraft Design Characteristics - Trends and Growth Projections.

File Consult Revision Date
A350 XWB Lithium Batteries: A guide for fire fighters download PDF 8 Oct 2015
A350 XWB Lithium Batteries: A guide for fire fighters - Firemen guidelines 3D user guide download PDF 29 Sep 2015
Airbus A350 XWB Lithium Batteries: Guide for firefighters - Animations download PDF 29 Sep 2015
ICAO Aerodrome Reference Code, FAA Airplane Design Group and Aircraft Approach Category for Airbus Aircraft download PDF 04 May 2015
ICAO & FAA Airfield Rescue Fire Fighting Categories for Airbus Aircraft download PDF 09 May 2012
Commercial Aircraft Design Characteristics document download PDF 01 May 2007
Calculation of Minimum Line-up distance correction download PDF 01 Mar 2012
Arrestor gear advisory notice download PDF 05 Nov 2013
Airbus Aircraft Data for Visual Aids Calibration download PDF 13 Jan 2016

Did you know?

Some 10 to 15% of an airline’s direct operating costs come from aircraft maintenance. Having the right offer for all maintenance and engineering related services is therefore essential to efficiently support the airline in its everyday business.


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