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Material sales

Supply and availability of Airbus spares via our worldwide spares network

Around the clock, around the world

Worldwide spares availability and access to Airbus parts, tools, kits and supplier parts is assured by the 24/7 Customer Order Desk (COD).

The COD is the single point-of-contact for all customer orders, organized in three event-oriented teams: the In-Flight Desk (IFD), Heavy Maintenance Visit (HMV) desk and Aircraft On Ground (AOG) desk.

Regardless of customer location, the Airbus COD can be contacted to support customers’ spares orders and enquiries 24 hours a day all the year round.

Keeping your aircraft flying

Airbus’ Customer Order Desk (COD) is built to support spares needs for unanticipated events, maintenance events and daily operations to ensure operators’ aircraft can fly when expected. The organisation of the aircraft on ground desk and In-Flight Desk (IFD) allows for centralised expertise in each area, with COD staff serving as customers’ focal point. Additionally, the Heavy Maintenance Visit Desk (HMVD) is designed to support operators’ aircraft in maintenance, covering all order priorities for maintenance events.

Real-time access to the information our customers need

Airbus’ online spares portal manages all customer requirements for spare part activities, including parts information and electronic order placement with state-of-the-art portal functionalities. Direct access to Airbus parts availability, technical data, prices, real time ordering and tracking system allows customers to reduce administration and research time. The AirbusSpares portal was designed to match their operational procurement processes and Airbus is continuously developing further steps to enhance online customer support, providing functionality and cost savings offered by digital formats.

Proximity through a global network

Airbus has a global stores area of 66,000 square metres combining its Hamburg, Germany facility with regional spares centres in Washington, D.C., Beijing and Dubai, with satellite stores in Frankfurt and Singapore. Airbus stocks approximately 3.6 million parts and tools, respectively 120,000 and 20,000 different part numbers. With this global stores network, the company coordinates the worldwide support of all Airbus aircraft with spare parts, tools and modification kits.

  • Six spares centres in five regions
  • Serving 400 customers in more than 170 destinations worldwide
  • More than 3.6 million spare parts and 150,000 tools on stock
  • 66,000 square metres of storage surface
  • Over 600 employees


Airbus locations

Did you know?

Airbus offers a huge variety of parts and tools to serve the customer’s needs. The size of a spare part can range from 5 mm to 12 m – the length of a vertical stabilizer for a long range aircraft.


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