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Getting the most out of the assets

Getting the most out of the assets

Airbus offers repair services for all rotable spare parts and tools with the capability and quality of a world class Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).  

As the single point of contact for spare parts repair, exchange, parts and tool lease services, customers benefit from guaranteed repair times and various commercial options that ensure the on-time completion of maintenance with lower overall costs.

With the Airbus repair, exchange and lease offer, operators can minimize their investment in rotable inventory and its maintenance costs.

Optimized inventory through an adapted approach

Based on customers’ individually changing requirements and the latest technical data, Airbus is able to optimize operators' cost of holding, storing and reordering parts. 

Customer inventory levels are reviewed and optimised in order to minimise spares investment and enhance the overall on-shelf performance.

Airbus aims to keep customer stock levels at a minimum and thus saving on inventory costs.

Airbus Managed Inventory – Supply chain integration. Together

Order administration of expendable materials ties up resources that Airbus’ customers could use to enhance their core business activities: With Airbus Managed Inventory (AMI) customer in scope material  is automatically replenished within agreed inventory levels. AMI automates customer’s standard procurement process and, by managing material replenishment on an efficient, automated basis, the service will significantly reduce the cost of ordering Airbus material.

Airbus Managed Inventory uses the latest communication standards to transform customers’ material consumption data into physical replenishment shipments. AMI is a customized version of industry standard Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) taking into account the specifics of the aviation industry. 

Flight Hour Services components – reducing investments, simplifying material management

For customers considering component repair, spare parts services and associated logistics, a cost-effective solution is  shaped through the Flight Hour Services (FHS) components’ module. This service is applicable to key system line replaceable unit and high value material.  Airbus takes care of all aspects of initial provisioning, engineering services, home base allocation to pool access, components’ supply, repair and stock maintenance, as well as management of the spare parts inventory.  Customers are able to strengthen their core activities by using the resources usually tied up by holding, storing, maintaining and reordering rotable components. FHS customers benefit from the Airbus economy of scale, reduced lead times for parts deliveries, and payments based on aircraft utilisation – alleviating the financial burden of upfront investment.

Tailored solutions delivering aircraft availability

For customers seeking more global solutions encompassing components, airframe maintenance and/or engineering services, information system and technical fleet management, Airbus Flight Hour Services delivers a comprehensive platform of solutions ranging from Tailored Support Packages (TSP) to total servicing of Airbus aircraft.

Did you know?

Airbus offers a huge variety of parts and tools to serve the customer’s needs. The size of a spare part can range from 5 mm to 12 m – the length of a vertical stabilizer for a long range aircraft.


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