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Cost reduction and increased operational efficiency are permanent objectives for carriers. Airbus has recognised this need and developed a selection of seminars with differing levels of specialization to improve customers’ know-how in the field of material management.

Three training modules are offered worldwide, in addition to a customised seminar at operators’ facilities. Complemented by innovative e-learning tools, each module provides comprehensive knowledge of material management in the aviation industry.

Unlocking undiscovered potential

The teaching methods in Airbus’ seminars are fully adapted to the different content of the courses.  

Airbus is to improve its customers’ expertise in material management through lectures, group work, hands-on exercises, practical case studies and informal networking in a comfortable classroom style.  

Fostered by a highly motivating environment, customers can quickly materialize the benefits in their day-to-day operations.

Consulting – the recipe of high performance

Consulting – the recipe of high performance

Airbus expertise help customers to work as efficiently as possible, enabling them to benefit from up-to-date best practices and trends in the material management domain developed with numerous airline industry actors.

Services such as the spares management process review, re-provisioning support and inventory review help customers improve their supply chain and logistics processes.

Did you know?

Airbus offers a huge variety of parts and tools to serve the customer’s needs. The size of a spare part can range from 5 mm to 12 m – the length of a vertical stabilizer for a long range aircraft.


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