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Airbus’ e-solutions are designed for flight operations engineering, pilots, safety managers, as well as maintenance and engineering personnel thanks to innovative software and modular tools. The main objectives are to provide customers with capabilities to enhance their operations and to increase availability of their fleet while reducing costs and minimising investments. Airbus provides a series of software services in order to ensure cost-effective and reliable operations. 

For maintenance and engineering, these e-solutions encompass the following activities: 

  • Maintenance programme and planning
  • Fleet management
  • Engineering

Airbus e-Solutions

ADOC for maintenance and engineering:

ADOC is a suite of content management solutions, used to create, update, and revise all the maintenance and engineering digital documentation for aircraft. 

ADOC Content Management solution gives customers a better control and deeper involvement over the documentation management process – enabling faster distribution for their engineering teams. 

This solution also includes ADOC Job Card Publisher software for automatic production and integration of Jobs Cards with operators’ maintenance information system. 


Based on Airbus’ ADOC N@vigator technology, AirN@v is the standard solution for advanced consultation of Airbus Maintenance & Engineering technical data, delivered ready to use with a fixed revision cycle. This service provides easy and accurate retrieval of information and powerful navigation and search functions across the manuals, utilising the latest web technology. 


AirPl@n is a comprehensive suite of services supporting the maintenance programme and planning activities. The different elements within AirPl@n apply from the preparation of the maintenance programme through the creation of work packages. AirPl@n reduces direct and indirect aircraft maintenance costs, while increasing aircraft availability.     


AIRMAN-web is an online software suite accessible through AirbusWorld, and designed to efficiently help airlines manage unscheduled maintenance and improve overall aircraft availability. It offers the opportunity to convert aircraft-generated data into value-added information which supports decision-making. 

Repair Manager: 

Repair Manager is an advanced tool designed to ease the creation and management of aircraft structural damage reports, which contributes to the airlines’ goals of reducing the lead-time for analysis and reporting, improving aircraft availability and maximising aircraft residual value. 


Efficient management of pilot and maintenance actions reports to optimise the aircraft technical status. 

Airbus Smarter Fleet powered by IBM

In parallel to the stand-alone e-solutions that are already offered today, Airbus has partnered with IBM – the world’s largest provider of information technology – for “Airbus Smarter Fleet powered by IBM.”

This collaboration aims to integrate and further develop the current portfolio of e-solutions, as well as provide tailored fleet data management for maintenance, engineering and flight operations using an open, modular and flexible platform, including cloud model. 

As an example, smarter tail allocation is the Airbus and IBM offer to efficiently assign and re-assign tail to flight in real time, optimising major check schedule and aircraft utilization.

Did you know?

Some 10 to 15% of an airline’s direct operating costs come from aircraft maintenance. Having the right offer for all maintenance and engineering related services is therefore essential to efficiently support the airline in its everyday business.


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