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AiRTHM - Airbus Real Time Health Monitoring

Real-time aircraft manufacturer expertise to improve customers’ operational performance.

Airbus Real Time Health Monitoring (AiRTHM) is an advanced service through which A380 and A350 XWB operators can receive guidance on optimised maintenance and real-time troubleshooting actions. As part of this effort, a dedicated 24/7 team takes advantage of the uplink technology to further investigate and anticipate warnings/fault consequences. 

The uplink technology allows real-time remote access to aircraft data parameters via the ACARS digital datalink system, enabling Airbus AiRTHM engineers to deliver maintenance and technical advice both in flight and on the ground.

Customer Benefits:

AiRTHM service is fully integrated into the global Airbus services portfolio to maximise customers’ operations with:

  • Enhanced aircraft operational and dispatch reliability
  • Minimised aircraft grounding time
  • Reduced costs
  • Anticipated scheduled maintenance 
  • Early delivery of line-replaceable units (LRUs) with FHS components 
  • Enhanced aircraft on-time performance with full Flight Hour Services tailored support package (FHS-TSP)

AiRTHM service benefits

Pre-departure check
Proactive monitoring of selected sensible systems to remotely check aircraft conditions at the gate before dispatch 

  • Avoid/reduce Return To Gate events
  • Avoid/reduce delays
  • Secure dispatch even in outstations

Flight watch
Continuous monitoring of critical messages to identify the root cause during flight 

  • Anticipate and prepare ground maintenance
  • Avoid/reduce quantity of troubleshooting  tasks
  • Avoid/reduce in-flight-turn-back events, diversion and aircraft on ground

Trend monitoring
Long-term, proactive data collection monitoring and analysis on selected systems to anticipate potential failures 

  • Benefit from continuous data collection and associated analysis
  • Monitor servicing consumables levels (examples: oxygen, oil)
  • Trend monitoring algorithm to define alerts

Preventive maintenance (available for the A350 XWB from January 2017)
Monitoring/filtering of all preventive maintenance messages to avoid unscheduled events by planning the required corrective maintenance tasks in advance 

  • Turn unscheduled events into scheduled events
  • Anticipate potential failures
  • Optimize maintenance costs
  • Identify the next key preventive maintenance tasks to be planned


Did you know?

When AiRTHM service is proposed into an FHS-Components contract, it will allow the airline to anticipate order of required parts to the FHS team. While integrated into an FHS-TSP, AiRTHM will be an additional piece of service for the Airbus TSP team to further improve the performance and directly contribute to improve your aircraft on-time performance (OTP), covering technical, logistics and maintenance delays.


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