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Technical data

The technical data package includes the instructions to safely and efficiently operate the complete Airbus family, and covers most maintenance and engineering activities.

This ensures the access and availability of a full scope of technical data, including: 

  • Technical data for each relevant domain: maintenance, planning, workshop, repair, engineering

  • The AirN@v Advanced Consultation tool for every domain of activity

  • On-line access to all technical data, available for consultation, download if applicable, and new revisions notification service

  • Off-line deliverables with a flexible number of DVD

  • SGML raw data for processing of all products covered in any of the above AirN@v modules, as applicable

  • Access to all mechanical and tooling drawings online and to repair drawings upon request

  • Access to all Airbus manufacturer CMM’s off and online  and to equipment suppliers CMM’s online, as applicable

  • Access to the list of effective technical data to monitor the effective issue dates and delivery details of all technical data online 

Did you know?

Airline Flight Operations documentation can reach up to 50 kilos on an aircraft. With Airbus suite of services, airlines can easily replace all the paper in the cockpit with enhanced digital documentation.


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