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Airbus’ e-solutions are designed for flight operations engineering, pilots, safety managers and maintenance & engineering personnel thanks to innovative software and modular tools.

The main objectives are to provide Airbus customers with capabilities to enhance their operations and to increase availability of their fleet, while reducing costs and minimising investments.

Airbus provides a series of software services in order to ensure cost-effective and reliable operations. For flight operations, these e-solutions encompass the following activities: 

Safety and new Safety Management System (SMS) requirements
Fuel and flight efficiency
Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)
Digital management of documentation

AIRBUS SMS Toolkit: is a set of solutions to help airlines in implementing an efficient safety management system (SMS), the new aviation safety standard mandated by ICAO from January 2009. It contains software (AirFASE and SAMS), courses (Flight Data Safety Analyst course, operator SMS course), guidance (AOPM) and on-site reviews.

AirFASE: Aircraft Flight Analysis and Safety Explorer (AirFASE) is a comprehensive multi-fleet software for flight data analysis, which meets the most demanding Authorities requirements. 

SAMS: Safety Assessment Management System (SAMS) is a global reporting platform developed to allow the management of safety data workflow across airlines’ organisation and processes. SAMS is a multi-fleet tool.

FlySmart with Airbus: Airbus provides its customers with a set of hardware and software that will optimise operations through flight operations, maintenance, ground and cabin solutions used onboard aircraft. FlySmart with Airbus’ electronic flight bag (EFB) paperless solution sets airlines to the latest standard and streamlines processes in achieving operational value and increased profitability. 

ADOC Web for Flight Operations: ADOC Web is an online content management tool designed to customise electronic documentation available in XML format, allowing the flight operations document to be edited, revised and published.  

Airbus Smarter Fleet powered by IBM

In parallel to the stand-alone e-solutions that are already offered today, Airbus partnered with IBM, the world’s largest information technology provider, for “Airbus Smarter Fleet powered by IBM.”

This cooperation aims at integrating and further developing the current portfolio of e-solutions, as well as providing a tailored fleet data management for maintenance, engineering and flight operations using an open, modular and flexible platform. 

Example: Smarter Fuel is the Airbus and IBM offer for analysis, optimization and facilitation of airlines activities related to fuel efficiency through a smarter use of "big-data."

Did you know?

Airline Flight Operations documentation can reach up to 50 kilos on an aircraft. With Airbus suite of services, airlines can easily replace all the paper in the cockpit with enhanced digital documentation.


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