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FHS Components

Flight Hour Services components

This Airbus module covers the availability of all primary line replaceable unit spare parts, in addition to repair services.

Reducing customers’ investments, simplifying component management.

The Flight Hour Services Components service provides: 

  • Critical line-replacement units (LRUs) on-site stock inventory positioned at customer main base and selected outstations;

  • Standard exchange pool access, which facilitates main bases and outstations stock replenishment;

  • Components maintenance services covering repair services at Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) or repair stations of all selected unserviceable components, warranty management, modification of components (ADs, SBs) and reliability monitoring;

  • Logistics services between the pool and repair station (transportation between on-site stock and pool remains optional).

Specific solutions also can be developed for high-value components (nacelle, landing gear, APU, cargo loading system, and more) – maximising the scope of guaranteed services.

FHS-components guaranteed services

Airbus provides optimised spares recommendations, mutually selecting what suits a customer’s operational needs and guaranteeing state-of-the-art repair services, as well as spare parts availability.

Continuous components reliability engineering contributes to enhanced aircraft availability.

Outstanding results from in-service experience

"Introducing the efficient A330 to our fleet gave us the opportunity to also look for further efficiencies in supporting the aircraft. The Airbus FHS components as well as the various Airbus software services provide us with that efficiency. We have already been able to avoid AOG situations by the mutually harmonized FHS process."

Sichuan Airlines



Did you know?

Airbus FHS has an integrated organisation, with more than 100 staff dedicated to FHS on 4 sites: Toulouse, Hamburg, Washington and Beijing, and Customer on-site team in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, China and London. Airbus FHS also presents strong synergies with Airbus Engineering and Support.