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Flight Hour Services

Embracing industry best practices to optimise customers’ operations.

In an increasingly competitive environment, customers require cost-effective maintenance outsourcing options aimed at securing aircraft technical performance with minimal risk and investment. Airbus delivers customised outsourcing solutions for maintenance to meet the unique business model of each airline. 

Airbus Flight Hour Services (FHS) consists of guaranteed solutions ranging from component supply and repair to full airframe maintenance. These services are designed to increase aircraft availability, significantly reduce operating costs and enhance the quality of operations. 

Expertise, quality, flexibility and cost-efficiency are cornerstones of the Airbus Flight Hour Services offer, built on different packages:

Flight Hour Services components

The module guarantees the availability of all primary line replaceable unit spare parts through an exclusive on-site stocks and pool access services, as well as state-of-the-art repair services.

Flight Hour Services Tailored Support Package

The Tailored Support Package (TSP) is a modular and flexible solution which combines the Flight Hour Services components module with a combination of engineering, airframe maintenance and additional services. The full of FHS Tailored Support Package’s solution guarantees aircraft on-time performance (OTP), covering technical, logistics and maintenance delays.

More than 120 aircraft – consisting of A320, A330, A340 and A380 family jetliners – are covered by Flight Hour Services as of 2013, showing the attractiveness of Airbus’ offer for its worldwide operators. 

Associated customer benefits…

… From FHS solutions
Secure and optimize airline operations
… From Airbus
Go further with aircraft manufacturer solutions


  • Single interface delivers turnkey solution
  • Airbus on-site assistance
  • 24/7 worldwide service
  • Focus on core business


  • Modular service portfolio that tailored to individual customer needs 
  • Study of customer requirements and constraints
  • Usage of existing customer capabilities

Cash optimisation

  • Reduced upfront investments
  • Predictable costs thanks to fixed prices
  • Increased asset and residual value
  • Transfer risks to aircraft original equipment manufacturers

Unique expertise

  • In-depth product know-how as system integrator
  • Unmatched engineering experience spanning the entire aircraft life cycle through direct link with Airbus Engineering and Support
  • Leader in worldwide fleet knowledge

Operational guarantees

  • Guaranteed spare parts availability from FHS Components
  • Aircraft on-time performance guaranteed from FHS-TSP

Performance commitment

  • Latest components standards for enhanced reliability
  • Selection of best in class MRO partners
  • Strengthen long term relationship with original equipment manufacturers



Did you know?

Airbus FHS has an integrated organisation, with more than 100 staff dedicated to FHS on 4 sites: Toulouse, Hamburg, Washington and Beijing, and Customer on-site team in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, China and London. Airbus FHS also presents strong synergies with Airbus Engineering and Support.