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Serving the space industry

Airbus Transport International – the Airbus subsidiary that operates a fleet of five Belugas – has made the space sector one of its priority charter markets, and the company invested in new equipment that further improves the Beluga's capability to handle satellites and other payloads.

The Beluga is ideally suited to move delicate space hardware. Its voluminous cargo compartment and a lift capability of over 47 metric tonnes ensure that large loads can be accommodated easily and carried in a safe, secure environment.

Airbus Transport International's ability to serve the space industry by transporting large components has been demonstrated with numerous flights that carried modules and support hardware for the International Space Station, the Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV), as well as elements for the Ariane 5 launch vehicle.

For spacecraft and other payloads requiring temperature-controlled conditions, Airbus Transport International developed a pallet-mounted heating module that provides a continuous airflow - heated at a pre-selected temperature - during the entire transport sequence, from ground preparations to completion of the flight.

A panel in the cockpit provides Beluga flight crewmembers with the capability to monitor and control the heater's temperature and airflow output while in flight.



Did you know?

Airbus has an international network of support centres, training centres and spares stores, as well as 160 field offices around the world where nearly 300 resident customer support managers assist airlines in their daily operations.


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