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Maintenance & Engineering

Airbus provides expertise in a range of maintenance and engineering services to its customers including: 

  • Best Industry Practices
  • EASA Part 145/M Regulatory Approval Support
  • First base maintenance check assistance
  • Maintenance check performance (process optimisation)
  • Maintenance means definition and optimisation
  • Maintenance Control Center Implementation Assistance
  • Operational Reliability Service
  • Airline Economics Seminar
  • Reliability Control Program Seminar
  • Engineering Workshop Services


"The training they provided for us is one of a kind. This capability is important because when we approach airlines about performing maintenance on their fleet, we can say we learned from Airbus, we work together with Airbus. That’s something significant. It’s a big reference."

- MRO company managing director, Serbia

Material management services

Airbus Consulting Services provides spares effectivity with:

  • Spare Management Review
  • Spare Inventory Review

Flight operations

Airbus proposes organisation improvement services for:

  • Flight Operations Organization Review
  • Flight operations monitoring assessment (FOM)
  • Aircraft Performance Monitoring Consulting
  • Safety Management System Functional Review 

“We fully agree with the conclusion of Airbus and are speeding up the rectifying process of the observed items. We would like to thank the Airbus team for their help, the valuable discussions, the presentations they provided and all the co-operation they gave in finding solutions for questions and problems.” 

- Airline chief operating officer, Asia-Pacific region 


Expertise in development services from Airbus includes: 

  • Assessment of Training Organization
  • Airbus Training Programme Review
  • Support for FFS or FDT selection, acceptance and qualification
  • Training Regulatory Approval Assistance

Advanced Tools

Aibus uses state-of-the-art solutions to optimise its customers services:

  • Maintenance information system
  • RFID consulting
  • Flight operations information systems

“Airbus performed an Advanced Tool Consulting Service focused on RFID application development for TAP M&E Engine Shop aiming at tracking engine part along TAP engine repair process (...) the objective given by TAP was for the Airbus Consulting team to improve turnaround time and quality. (...) the deployment of new technology is already bringing benefits for TAP M&E in the first year of operations.” 

- Fernando Ferreira Matos, Head of Information Technologies TAP Maintenance & Engineering


Airbus offers capability assistance for airlines in start-up, rapid growth or transformation: 

  • Service assistance for customers changing or re-shaping their organisation
  • Know-how transfer and coaching, from design to implementation

Fuel and flight efficiency

These cost-effective operations are the natural path to saving money. Airbus’ wide range of solutions cover flight preparation, flight operations and maintenance engineering :

  • Troubleshooting of existing processes, procedures and results
  • Solutions' design and assistance for implementation
  • Customised cost-effective recommendations

“Airbus performed a fuel and flight efficiency project focused on diagnosis with Air Arabia, covering a fleet of A320 aircraft. The consultation was extremely useful. We have already saved up to 3 per cent of our total fuel bill… Today we are operating more efficiently than we did even a year ago and we hope that a year from now we’ll be even more efficient.”

- Capt. Mohamed Ahmed, Director of Operations, Air Arabia Airlines

"We, at Volaris, are proud of our fuel saving consumption program which has demonstrated to be extremely effective year by year, however, aiming to always look forward for new initiatives and measurements we asked Airbus to evaluate our operations and procedures. Airbus detected additional potential savings that covered the consultancy cost and far beyond that. We appreciate Airbus experience and professional skills during this consultancy project.”

- Mr. Marco Charles, Technical Strategy Manager, Volaris



Did you know?

Since its launch in 2004, more than 200 projects have been successfully delivered by Airbus Consulting Services to a large number of airlines all over the world. We cover various domain and strategic concerns of the airlines’ operations such as customers starting their business, facing rapid growth, adapting their organisation and facilities, aiming to generate savings, facing innovative challenges, etc.


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