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Engineering cooperation from Bangalore to Toulouse

Engineering cooperation from Bangalore to Toulouse

Airbus engineers in India are developing a simulated flight management system in cooperation with their French-based colleagues. Delivery of the system’s first operational version is scheduled for late 2009 as the result of an ambitious timeline for this project.

29 January 2009

A simulated A380 flight management system is being developed as the result of a trans-continental cooperation with the Bangalore-based Airbus Engineering Centre India and Airbus engineers in Toulouse, France.

This effort will help Airbus systems engineers provide mature specifications for the suppliers of flight management systems (FMS) – which are key elements of modern jetliners, and also can be used in research and development work on evolved FMS functions for new programmes such as the A350 XWB.

The Bangalore team has been working on the project since Airbus opened its Indian engineering centre in April 2007. During this time, staffing has grown from eight to approximately 30 people – including subcontractors.

Delivery of the simulated flight management system’s first operational version is scheduled by the end of this year – an ambitious timeline given the nature of the project. Once the simulated FMS is complete, the team will be looking at expanding the functionality to include all Airbus aircraft families, as well as extending its compatibility with other simulation means, such as the research cockpit simulator.

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