Airbus’ “Smarter Skies” concept makes a big impression in Berlin

9 September 2012 Headline news

The Airbus vision of more efficient and eco-friendly airline operations was highlighted in a spectacular way this weekend as its futuristic “Smarter Skies” concept came to central Berlin in the form of a projected 4-D light show, which also served as an introduction to the company’s high-profile participation in the ILA Berlin Air Show that begins next Tuesday.

Beamed onto the Humboldt-Box – a distinctive museum structure on the city’s Schlossplatz – the light show provided representations of how improved air traffic management, more intelligent aircraft and the use of alternative energy sources could change world travel in 2050 and beyond.  This vision is the latest installment in the “Future by Airbus” concept, and the Berlin projection was a new means of bringing its forward-looking strategy to the general public.  

The 30 metre X 30 metre presentation was shown on 8 September, using a tailor-made screen installed across the Humboldt-Box’s entire façade.  Being repeated during 15-minute intervals from 8:45 p.m. to 10:45 p.m., it drew large crowds during what was a balmy end-of-summer night in the German capital city – with viewers also treated to an exclusive soundtrack created for the projection.

Airbus’ “Smarter Skies” vision consists of five concepts that could be implemented in all phases of an aircraft’s operation to reduce waste in time and fuel, as well as contributing to a reduction in CO2 emissions.

The Humboldt-Box projection served as a lead-in to Airbus’ presence at the ILA Berlin Air Show, to be held 11-16 September at Berlin ExpoCenter Airport, which is located adjacent to the under-construction Berlin Brandenburg Airport.

View a clip of the Berlin “Smarter Skies” light show in the Airbus video gallery.


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