Airbus’ Metron Aviation and the Danish Meteorological Institute to assist EUROCONTROL with modeling ATM disruption risks

Airbus ProSky subsidiary Metron Aviation, in partnership with the Danish Meteorological Institute, have formed a consortium to support EUROCONTROL with risk assessments of Air Traffic Management (ATM) disruptions – which may be caused by meteorological or natural hazards such as volcanic ash, earthquakes, fires, flooding and space weather.

22 October 2013 Feature story

Building on years of experience in analyzing weather’s effects on ATM, the consortium will provide EUROCONTROL – Europe’s Air Traffic Management organisation – with operationally relevant calculations for its network.

These impacts will be computed by a sophisticated risk assessment model (RAM) and disseminated to all stakeholders using a web-based graphical interface to provide shared situational awareness. Risk assessment model outputs also will be integrated into EUROCONTROL’s network operations portal and used to develop strategies to mitigate identified hazards.

“We have an extensive history in analyzing weather and additional disruptions to Air Traffic Management. Metron Aviation is delighted to participate in this EUROCONTROL project and help optimise operations,” said Jim Gaughan, CEO and President of Metron Aviation. “Our roots, as a company, are dedicated to improving operations through research, shared situational awareness and collaboration. Our mission remains true and this project involves all aspects of our celebrated objectives.”

U.S.-based Metron Aviation is a leading provider of Air Traffic Management products and services for the global aviation industry, joining advanced science and mathematics with unparalleled ATM expertise, to provide groundbreaking Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) solutions for air navigation service providers, airports, airlines and other stakeholders.




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