Airbus launches improved CDIS services

An improved online tool available from Airbus allows customers to easily follow the customization, assembly and delivery of their aircraft.

30 September 2005 Feature story

Airbus customers can now access an improved version of the customisation and delivery information service (CDIS), an online tool that enables airlines to easily follow the customisation, assembly and delivery of their aircraft.

The tool provides users with a broad range of assembly and delivery information through a series of simply defined categories. New features introduced for the updated version include a service that provides customers with standard Airbus aircraft specification data, together with details of options available (the ‘standard offer’ category). In addition, the ‘buyer furnished equipment’ section has been revamped to provide airlines with order status and delivery data for products, such as cabin seating, they have on order from companies other than Airbus.

In all, six categories of information are available through CDIS. ‘Assembly planning’ provides the customer with an individual schedule for each of his aircraft under assembly. ‘Buyer furnished equipment’ is a practical service that allows customers to monitor the supply of goods such as aircraft seats and in-flight entertainment systems. And the ‘modification and definition’ service gives the customer access to regularly updated aircraft definition information.

The final two categories provide customers with an enhanced level of online support during the delivery stage: ‘standard offer’ as outlined above, along with the ‘acceptance and delivery customer satisfaction improvement programme’ section. This service measures customer satisfaction levels throughout the whole acceptance period and directs valuable customer comments and ideas back to Airbus’ customer support teams.

The CDIS tool is easily available to registered Airbus customers through the Airbus customer portal,




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