ACJC confirms a successful year in completion and services with its sixth VIP cabin delivered

ACJC confirms a successful year in completion and services with its sixth VIP cabin delivered

The sixth VIP aircraft outfitted by the Airbus Corporate Jet Centre has been completed, with this A320 Prestige jetliner received by a customer in the Middle East.

22 December 2010

The Airbus Corporate Jet Centre (ACJC) – the specialist in Airbus Corporate Jet (ACJ) VIP cabin completion and associated services based in Toulouse, France – has delivered its sixth cabin to an undisclosed customer in the Middle-East, and confirms a growing backlog of Airbus Corporate Jet completions and the increase in its resources to match its growing services activity.

The ACJC’s latest delivery is an A320 Prestige with a wide and tall VIP cabin that features an elegant and cosy forward lounge with club seats and a divan, a bedroom with a large en suite bathroom, and two VIP guest areas.

This aircraft is the first operational A320 Prestige equipped with Airbus’ GSM onboard system. ACJC has succeeded in adapting the sophisticated GSM technology to the VIP cabin and airframe systems, enabling guests to use their mobile phones during flight.

The cabin also features mood lighting, new touch-screen technology, satellite TV and advanced passenger entertainment and communications – including a PFIS (Passenger Flight Information System), Internet and Audio & Video On Demand.

“With the brand-new Airbus GSM onboard system, an exceptionally low noise level of significantly less than 50dB in the bedroom, and a cabin lighter than its target weight, this latest outfitting reaffirms our technological know-how and leadership in ACJ cabin completion,” says Benoit Defforge, CEO of ACJC.

Over the last three years, ACJC has already completed and delivered five VIP cabins and has been so successful in winning new business that its facilities are essentially full until mid-2012. Of the seven ACJ cabins planned, four are currently being outfitted in the centre’s facility.

The Airbus Corporate Jet Centre also specialises in tailor-made services and maintenance for ACJs, including the A320, A330 and A340 families. Increasing its teams and the capacity of its facilities, the company recently launched VIP Pass, a package of nose to tail services developed for executive and private operators of ACJ aircraft.

“VIP Pass confirms the ACJC team’s commitment to supporting every operator’s ACJ aircraft throughout its life, and to maintaining its airframe and engines at the highest standard of quality and certification,” says Fabio Beretta, ACJC’s Head of Customer Support and Services.

The team has also created a VIP Conversion kit, which allows the forward A320 passenger area to be converted into a spacious VIP section. Installed in less than eight hours, the kit gives customers the opportunity to have a multi-mission aircraft for VIP or commercial transport. The first kit was recently delivered for a customer’s A320, giving the aircraft a dual-role capability. ACJC also made provisions for subsequent installation of the kit for the same customer, on a second A320 aircraft.

“ACJC is now capitalising on its experience and know-how with this VIP conversion kit solution, which is currently the quickest to install in the VIP market,” says Bruno Galzin, Head of Sales and Marketing at ACJC.

Airbus Corporate Jet Centre

Dedicated to providing quality cabin-outfitting and associated services for Airbus ACJ Family aircraft, the Airbus Corporate Jet Centre is small enough to provide personal service to customers with around 200 employees, but is also backed by the full resources of its shareholder, Airbus, the world's largest manufacturer of modern airliners.

Based in Toulouse, France, ACJC has already contracted with prestigious customers in Asia, Europe and Middle East. It attributes its success to a strong technical background, plus 200 highly skilled employees that have now completed more than 15 VIP cabins for Airbus aircraft.




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