A “comfortable” position: Airbus focusses on passenger well-being in Asia

13 February 2014 Feature story

Airbus’ continuing commitment to full service long-haul passenger comfort is on full display at this week’s Singapore Airshow, highlighted by the new-generation A350 XWB jetliner’s high-profile presence and the “Airbus Comfort Zone.”

The company is spotlighting its latest “comfort without compromise” messaging, targeting the requirements of the Asia-Pacific region’s growing number of travellers – which are projected to comprise 45 per cent of global air passengers by 2032.

With 70 per cent of Asian business travellers flying in economy class – the highest rate in the world – on-board comfort is particularly significant, as demonstrated by a new research report published by Airbus on the comfort demands of this region’s economy class passengers

“Comfort is important for Asian passengers, who are looking for privacy to relax and sleep in-flight for increased productivity upon arriving at their destination,” said Christophe Cossart, Airbus’ Aircraft Interiors Marketing Manager – Customer Affairs.  “With a comprehensive product line of long-range jetliners, Airbus is well positioned to meet the needs of Asia’s passengers and operators – offering superior levels of comfort for full-service long-haul economy service, without compromising compelling aircraft operating efficiency.”

Cossart noted Airbus is a leader in passenger well-being, from the company’s 18-inch long-haul standard seat width for all its aircraft – which is highlighted in the “Airbus Comfort Zone” at the Singapore Airshow with a full-scale economy class section mock-up – to other innovative cabin features such as LED mood lighting, connectivity and optimal air circulation.

“Airbus leadership in cabin comfort and innovation, which began with our first jetliner – the A300 –continues with all of our aircraft, including the A350 XWB,” Cossart added.


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