Feature story

Readying Brake to Vacate (BTV) for its service introduction

10 December 2008 Feature story

BTV technology provides optimised landing braking efficiency and runway turn-around time, thereby improving the traffic flow at airports. It will enter service in 2009 on the first Air France A380.

Supporting the next generation of European air traffic management

18 November 2008 Feature story

An industry team with Airbus' involvement will support the development phase of a large-scale project to reorganise the European air traffic control system by 2020.

President and CEO Tom Enders outlines the Airbus vision

28 October 2008 Feature story

Speaking at the 10th Nikkei Global Management Forum in Japan, Airbus' top executive said the company's focus continues to be creating the world's best aircraft and remaining a top supplier to the global air transport industry.

New fibre placement machine tested in Nantes

2 September 2008 Feature story

A research project between Airbus' Nantes site, Forest-Liné and Coriolis has developed new machinery to produce complex aircraft structures in composite material.

Opening a new transport route to China

2 September 2008 Feature story

Airbus' new final assembly line in Tianjin, China marked a major milestone this summer with the arrival of its first aircraft sections.

The first A330-200F begins production

10 July 2008 Feature story

Fuselage sections and other parts for the new A330-200F freighter aircraft are now taking shape throughout Airbus' production network.

Wind tunnel testing assists in the A350 XWB's development

9 July 2008 Feature story

Wind tunnel testing for the new A350 XWB is generating gigabytes of data each week as this new Airbus jetliner continues its development.

Singapore Airlines takes delivery of its fifth A380

30 June 2008 Feature story

Airbus has delivered Singapore Airlines' fifth A380, which will allow the operator to replace more of its B747-400 flights on the Singapore-London route and create the first commercial A380 services to Beijing, China as passenger traffic increases leading up to the Olympic Games.

Germany's aircraft fleet will more than double over the coming 20 years

17 June 2008 Feature story

According to Airbus' latest Global Market Forecast, the German airliner and freighter fleet is expected to grow from over 500 aircraft in operation in 2006 to more than 1,100 by 2026. This growth represents a need for some 900 new commercial transports at a market value of US$109 billion.

Mainland China's passenger aircraft fleet will triple in the coming 20 years

17 June 2008 Feature story

Airbus predicts that the Chinese Mainland will need approximately 2,800 new passenger aircraft over the 20-year period covered by the company's latest Global Market Forecast - including 190 very large aircraft, such as the A380.

Airbus foresees a sustained demand for new passenger aircraft in the Nordic countries during the next two decades

17 June 2008 Feature story

Growing aviation mobility demand and the need more for eco-efficient aircraft will drive the Nordic countries toward the acquisition of 436 new passenger aircraft in the coming 20 years, according to Airbus' latest Global Market Forecast.

Airbus predicts Spanish air travel expansion will continue

17 June 2008 Feature story

The Spanish aviation industry is expected to nearly triple in size over the coming 20 years, which will create a demand for 415 new passenger aircraft with a combined total value of $45 billion, according to Airbus' latest Global Market Forecast.

More than 900 aircraft will be needed within next 20 years in Russia

17 June 2008 Feature story

In the next 20 years, Russian airlines will need more than 900 passenger jetliners for fleet expansion and aircraft replacement, according to Airbus' latest Global Market Forecast. This increase will be driven by Russia's domestic demand growth, which is expected to be the highest in the w...

The North American market will evolve to larger, more efficient aircraft

17 June 2008 Feature story

A North American market demand will exist for 6,484 new passenger and freighter aircraft over the 20-year period from 2007 to 2026, according to Airbus' latest Global Market Forecast. This need will be driven in part by higher traffic volume and a requirement for more efficient, higher-capacit...

Strong traffic growth to boost Brazillian passenger aircraft demand

17 June 2008 Feature story

To meet the demand created by traffic growth and the need for replacement aircraft, Airbus' latest Global Market Forecast predicts that Brazilian airlines will acquire more than 330 passenger airliners over the coming 20 years, representing an approximate value of $32 billion.

Mexico needs almost 500 passenger airliners in the next 20 years

17 June 2008 Feature story

In the 20-year period covered by its latest Global Market Forecast, Airbus foresees a demand among Mexican airlines for nearly 500 passenger aircraft with 100 seats or more - a figure which represents one third of all aircraft acquisitions by the Latin American market over that period.

Passenger traffic growth will drive Central Europe to acquire 460 new aircraft in the coming 20 years

17 June 2008 Feature story

Airbus's latest Global Market Forecast predicts that the Central European market will need 460 new passenger aircraft over the next 20 years - driven in part by increased traffic and a large replacement opportunity.

Argentina needs more than 100 aircraft in next 20 years

17 June 2008 Feature story

In its latest Global Market Forecast, Airbus predicts that strong passenger growth will lead Argentine carriers to acquire at least 100 passenger aircraft with 100 seats or more over the coming two decades.

Airbus Organises Forum on Aviation and the Environment

10 June 2008 Feature story

The Airbus Forum on Aviation and the Environment brought together top representatives from airlines, airports, local governmental organisations, academia and the media for presentations and discussions at Narita, Japan.

Industrial cooperation: Polish industry contributes to all Airbus programmes

4 June 2008 Feature story

Poland has been a key component in Airbus' aircraft production since 1997, applying their expertise on a wide range of the European aircraft manufacturer's programmes, including the A380 and A320. This cooperation is constantly expanding, with Airbus continuing to serve as one of the Polis...

A new partnership with South Africa on computer-based simulation for next-generation aircraft

14 April 2008 Feature story

South Africa's Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has become part of Airbus' global research and technology network, joining an effort to develop new computer-based simulation processes that will enhance the design process for future aircraft.

Airbus showcases new its A350 XWB cabin and unveils a new galley concept

3 April 2008 Feature story

The future of aircraft cabins has been unveiled by Airbus, which exhibited the interior layout for its new A350 XWB jetliner and showed an innovative galley concept at the Aircraft Interior Expo in Hamburg, Germany.

Progress continues towards the first flight of Airbus' new A400M military airlifter

3 April 2008 Feature story

With A400M's first flight scheduled for this year, the programme for this multi-mission transport is making steady progress. Ground system and load testing is underway on aircraft MSN001, while the powerful TP400-D6 turboprop engine is being readied for its own aerial evaluations.

A single sky for Europe

24 March 2008 Feature story

The definition phase of SESAR (Single European Sky Air Traffic Management System Research) is nearing completion under the direction of an Airbus-led effort. Its objective is to develop a new air traffic management system for Europe, reducing or eliminating bottlenecks that could effect European ai...

Directing the way to savings for customers

13 March 2008 Feature story

The integration of modern approach and precision landing system capability in Airbus' A320 single-aisle aircraft Family will provide valuable time and fuel savings for airlines, while increasing airport capacity.

New service package will extend A320's life

6 March 2008 Feature story

Airbus' Extended Service Goal package will allow A320 Family operators to extend the operating lifetime of their aircraft by 10 to 20 years or more, and benefit from longer revenue service as well as increased residual market value of their single-aisle fleet.

Airbus joint venture will manage end-of-life aircraft

25 February 2008 Feature story

Tarmac Aerosave, a joint venture between Airbus and several partners, will be the first industrial company to manage end-of-life aircraft when activity begin later this year. It will offer its services - which include short-term storage, maintenance and dismantling - to both civil and military aircr...

Research into alternative fuels

18 February 2008 Feature story

Research into alternative fuels

The ACJ on ice: an historic flight to the Antarctic

18 January 2008 Feature story

The first ever passenger flight linking the Australian and Antarctic continents has been performed by an Airbus Corporate Jetliner. Operated by Skytraders Pty. Ltd. on behalf of the Australian government's Antarctic Division, the ACJ landed on a new ice runway located some 70 km. from the Case...

Applying new technology to the A350 XWB's development

21 November 2007 Feature story

Airbus' development of its new A350 XWB is benefiting from the increased use of computational fluid dynamics, which helps define the all-new jetliner's external shape. This technology will speed up the A350 XWB's development process, complementing traditional wind tunnel testing.

Airbus Corporate Jet Centre begins its aircraft outfitting activity

26 September 2007 Feature story

The Airbus Corporate Jet Centre in Toulouse, France will undergo a major improvement to provide a world-class cabin-outfitting service for corporate and VIP customers. The facility has received its first two Airbus Corporate Jetliner Family aircraft to undergo the cabin installation process.

A350 high-lift devices combine simplicity with fuel savings

24 August 2007 Feature story

Airbus' new A350 XWB will incorporate the latest high-lift technology in its wings, allowing for greater dynamic response and flexibility. This will provide better aircraft performance, reduced weight, and less maintenance for A350 XWB operators.

Bringing out the best of an aircraft's wing

21 August 2007 Feature story

A multi-year European project has evaluated new wing technologies that will improve aircraft operations in all aspects of flight. The Airbus-managed AWIATOR (Aircraft Wing with Advanced Technology Operation) programme involved the participation of companies, institutes, agencies and universities, a...

Xian Aircraft Company delivers first A319 China-made wing box

25 July 2007 Feature story

The largest Airbus aircraft component ever produced by a Chinese aviation manufacturer has been delivered by Xian Aircraft Company (XAC). This A319 wing box  the first ever made in China  underscores Airbus' high level of industrial cooperation with the Chinese aviation industry, a...

Final assembly begins for first A330 MRTT designated for the U.S. Air Force

20 July 2007 Feature story

The initial A330 Multi-Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) allocated for America's modernisation of its ageing aerial refuelling fleet has begun its build-up on the A330/A340 final assembly line in Toulouse.

Extended runway handed over to Airbus in Hamburg

20 July 2007 Feature story

The runway at Finkenwerder has been completed, providing the length necessary for acceptance flights of all A380 versions. Airbus currently outfits the cabin interiors of its customer aircraft at Finkenwerder, and it is to construct a new delivery centre where customers from Europe and the Middle E...

Filton wind tunnel celebrates its 50 year anniversary

30 May 2007 Feature story

Airbus UK is marking the first half-century of operation with its Filton wind tunnel, which has completed more than 64,000 test runs since 1957. This facility, which underwent a significant modernisation in 2004, continues to support the development of new Airbus aircraft - including the A350 XWB.

PAMELA A380: Looking decades ahead with the Green Giant

3 May 2007 Feature story

The A380 static test airframe will be used as part of Airbus' forward-looking approach to ensure its aircraft are environmentally friendly throughout their lifecycle - and beyond. As part of the PAMELA project, parts of the static airframe will be evaluated for a number of aspects, including di...

Airbus opens new Dubai facility

25 April 2007 Feature story

A new spares and repair facility for Airbus' Buxtehude subsidiary has opened in the United Arab Emirates at Dubai to provide enhanced customer support and service to the region's airlines. The Buxtehude subsidiary provides cabin electronic systems, and already has similar service centres ...

Airbus cabin innovations are highlighted at Aircraft Interiors Expo 2007

20 April 2007 Feature story

The A380's cabin advantages for passengers and crew were underscored at the annual Aircraft Interiors show in Hamburg, where Airbus emphasized the aircraft's spaciousness, and comfort. Event attendees also were able to see the A380 that recently returned from an international route proving...

The A400M's first central-rear fuselage arrives at EADS CASA facilities

27 March 2007 Feature story

An A300-600ST Beluga transport aircraft has delivered the first central-rear fuselage for Airbus' A400M military airlifter to Getafe, Spain. This component will be integrated with the A400M's nose, wings and empennage to create a complete airframe that will be used in static testing.

One year of operation for the Beijing Engineering Centre

16 March 2007 Feature story

The Airbus engineering centre in Bejing, China - which will play an important role in the A350 XWB's design and development - currently has 104 locally-employed engineers and is on target to reach its head count of 200 by 2008. This Airbus joint venture with China's two largest aviation c...

A400M pylons completed as first aircraft takes shape

8 February 2007 Feature story

The world's first engine pylons produced completely in titanium have been unveiled in France prior to their shipment to Spain, where they will be equipped for use on Airbus' A400M military transport aircraft. These pylons will support the A400M's powerful TP400-D6 turboprop engines, ...

The Airbus Corporate Jetliner heads to Antarctica

1 February 2007 Feature story

Airbus Corporate Jetliner (ACJ) flights to Antarctica will involve operations in extreme conditions - including landings and takeoffs from a blue ice runway that is topped by a bonded snow pavement. This passenger and cargo air service, performed for the Australian Government Antarctic Division, is...

Airbus develops new three-dimensional textile for cabin interiors

19 January 2007 Feature story

An innovative three-dimensional textile has been created by the Airbus Design Studio for Portugal's national airline, TAP, using patented stamping techniques that create patterned material which a shiny or matt effect. The process - which was evolved in partnership with Lantal Textile (an aero...

U.K. research programme to investigate wing designs for future civil aircraft

13 December 2006 Feature story

Airbus will lead a public/private-funded wing technology validation programme that forms a core element of the U.K. National Aerospace Technology Strategy. This programme brings together 17 leading British organisations to work on such "sustainable aviation" challenges as reduced fuel bu...

Airbus completes a major A400M wing assembly milestone

7 December 2006 Feature story

The A400M military transport's initial set of wings has completed its assembly process at the Airbus U.K. facility in Filton, Bristol. These wings are the first for an Airbus aircraft to be built largely from composite materials.

Improvements keep the single-aisle competitive

9 November 2006 Feature story

Updates to the A320 Family will ensure this world's best-selling single-aisle aircraft product line will continue to maintain its dominant marketplace position. Interior improvements include innovate ceiling and sidewall panels that reduce noise, as well as smoother lines and advanced lighting...

Clean Sky initiative moves a step closer

27 October 2006 Feature story

The European "Clean Sky" initiative is one major step closer to reality following the signature of a memorandum of understanding in Vienna by Airbus and eight other leading aeronautics companies. This effort is aimed at further reducing the impact of air transportation on the environment ...

Airbus evaluates the mechanical milling of fuselage panels in a European programme

2 October 2006 Feature story

The use of a more environmentally-friendly mechanical process in the manufacture of aluminium aircraft panels is the focus of an evaluation project by Airbus in partnership with Dufieux Industrie. This effort, called GAP (Green Advanced Panels), would eliminate waste created with chemical milling -...





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