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Help from the sky: humanitarian air operations to be improved with the A400M

14 September 2012 Feature story

The large silhouette of Airbus Military’s A400M that dominates the ILA Berlin Air Show’s flight line will become a welcomed sight in the future for those in need, with this multi-role airlifter’s service introduction making it available for relief operations, rescue missions and disaster response.


Students are asked to fly their ideas and join the spirit through competitive challenges

13 September 2012 Feature story

Motivating students to become future aerospace industry decision-makers and to spur new thinking in problem-solving are the goals of two competitions now underway by Airbus and its EADS parent company.

Airbus’ latest “Fly Your Ideas” contest – its third such competition – is asking university stude...

The A380 by-the-numbers: Impressive on all counts

12 September 2012 Feature story

The A380 is living up to its promises as this 21st century flagship jetliner is operated on an increasingly large global network – becoming a common sight at mega-city and hub airports around the world.

In operation with eight carriers (Air France, China Southern, Emirates, Korean Air,&n...

A new approach for onboard aircraft power is evaluated by Airbus and partners

12 September 2012 Feature story

Airbus’ pursuit of new, more efficient on-board power sources for its aircraft is being highlighted by the display of a Multifunctional Fuel Cell (MFFC) system concept at the ILA Berlin Air Show. 

Through a partnership with the DLR German Aerospace Centre and Parker Aerospace, this joint evalu...

Airbus know-how finds new applications through licensing

12 September 2012 Feature story

Airbus is the source for thousands of patents that result from the constant innovation applied to its aircraft product line, as well as its production methods and processes. 

In addition to benefitting directly from these proprietary technologies, Airbus also supports the release of certain pa...

AirAsia will take its A320 fleet to new heights with Sharklets

12 September 2012 Feature story

The world’s largest A320 customer has become a leading Asia-Pacific low-cost carrier by relying on this Airbus jetliner’s operational advantages, which will be further enhanced with the introduction of aircraft with new fuel-saving “Sharklets” in the coming months. 

AirAsia has received 103 of...

Airbus’ Sharklets live up to their promise for A320 fuel savings

11 September 2012 Feature story

Flight testing of A320s outfitted with “Sharklets” has confirmed the fuel savings expectations for these Airbus wingtip devi...

Fly Your Ideas student competition to focus on six sustainable industry themes

10 August 2012 Feature story

Airbus’ third biennial Fly Your Ideas global student competition has set its focus on six key challenges for a sustainable aviation industry in the 21st century, which range from energy conservation initiatives to management of traffic growth.

Air Canada operates an A330 on an Olympic-scale milestone biofuel flight

25 July 2012 Feature story

Another aviation milestone was reached using an Airbus jetliner this week when Air Canada performed the first transatlantic flight powered by biofuel using an A330.

The farnborough airshow looks to the future by inspiring aviation’s next generation

13 July 2012 Feature story

The exciting world of aviation – and the interesting career opportunities this industry offers – were explored today by some 7,500 young adults at the Farnborough Airshow’s Futures Day, which was centered in the Airbus-sponsored Innovation Zone.

The event began with a morning ceremony that included...

A winning formula: A380 = the new “Queen of the Skies”

13 July 2012 Feature story

The A380 is living up to its reputation as the new “queen of the skies,” with airline operators expanding their route networks and operational frequencies while benefitting from the aircraft’s high reliability.

Nearly 80 A380s are now in service to all of the top 10 international airports.  Wi...

Military operators will benefit from the A400m airlifter’s flexibility and adaptability

13 July 2012 Feature story

Future operators of Airbus Military’s A400M are being given the opportunity to visit this multi-role airlifter at the Farnborough Airshow, providing a first-hand view of its mission flexibility and adaptability.

On display at Farnborough Airport is one of five A400Ms currently involved in Airbus Mi...

Engineering careers with airbus highlighted at futures day

13 July 2012 Feature story

Students visiting the Farnborough Airshow’s Innovation Zone during today’s Futures Day event had many questions about engineering and the career opportunities with Airbus and its EADS parent company.

Employees, apprentices and human resources staff were on hand at the information centre within the ...

Attention to detail delivers an eco-friendly “Perfect Flight”

13 July 2012 Feature story

For its eco-efficient “Perfect Flight” from Toronto to Mexico City in June, Airbus examined every possible aspect of reducing fuel consumption with the A319 aircraft utilised in this demonstration – from installing lighter-weight carpets in the cabin to cleaning and waxing the exterior fuselage to m...

Airbus aircraft also are best-sellers in branded merchandise

13 July 2012 Feature story

The “Let’s shop Airbus” boutique at this year’s Farnborough Airshow has been busy all week, with both professional attendees and aviation enthusiasts purchasing merchandise ranging from aircraft scale models to wearing apparel.

Among the best-sellers is A380 merchandise branded with Airbus’ “Love a...

An Airbus and EADS flashmob at Farnborough asks job seekers to “join us, now”

12 July 2012 Feature story

The Farnborough Airshow literally moved to the beat of Airbus and its EADS parent company today as an afternoon flashmob promoting their large-scale recruitment initiatives became the centre of attention.

 More than 400 Airbus and EADS employees wearing brightly-colored shirts marked with the ...

Airbus’ renewable fuel strategy calls for energy sources around the globe

12 July 2012 Feature story

Airbus’ commitment to developing innovative alternative fuel sources in support of a sustainable air transport industry was underscored by company managers at this week’s Farnborough Airshow. 

“We see biofuels as so important that we want to be right in the center of the industry,” said Keith ...

Airbus’ A340 being used for testing volcanic ash detection system

12 July 2012 Feature story

New equipment to detect atmospheric volcanic ash is being flown on Airbus’ A340-300 testbed aircraft, demonstrating sensor technology that could help airliners avoid potentially hazardous encounters with plumes created when volcanoes erupt.

This testing began on 4 July, and is the result of a teami...

The A380 arrives at Farnborough with its message of love

12 July 2012 Feature story

This week’s Farnborough Airshow became the modern day version of an aviation industry love-in, as Airbus’ development A380 aircraft arrived with its “Love at first flight” message.

Touching down on Farnborough Airport’s main runway at 8:15 a.m., the aircraft now becomes part of Airbus’ presence at ...

Key airline routes see double, triple, and more daily services with the A380

11 July 2012 Feature story

The A380’s commercial and operational success is spurring airlines to schedule multiple daily flights – in some cases three, four, five or even six frequencies – on key routes with the Airbus flagship jetliner.

An example is the A380 deployment strategy at Emirates, which is the largest operator to...

A Farnborough Airshow focus for Airbus: future engineers and the engineers of the future

11 July 2012 Feature story

Airbus is utilising this week’s Farnborough International Airshow to promote its broad range of employment opportunities as the company seeks to hire some 4,000 new recruits in 2012. 

Ensuring diversity within the ranks of these new hires is one priority, with approximately 40 per cent of the ...

A fast-growing Chinese leasing company builds its future with Airbus

11 July 2012 Feature story

Airbus jetliners are to become a significant portion of the China Aircraft Leasing Company’s (CALC) portfolio based on this Hong Kong-based company’s latest commercial commitment, signed today at the Farnborough Airshow.

During a morning press conference, a memorandum of understanding was inked for...

Supplier performance is recognised for companies that provide the “puzzle pieces” for Airbus aircraft

11 July 2012 Feature story

The construction of an Airbus aircraft is much like putting together a puzzle, according to Didier Lux, Executive Vice President - Customer Services.  Each of the countless pieces is crucial, he explains, and all must fit perfectly for everything to come together in meeting the high standards f...

Airbus’ fuel-efficiency “hunter” comes to the Farnborough Airshow

11 July 2012 Feature story

A sleek new aircraft profile was added to the Farnborough Airshow as Airbus’ first production A320 with fuel-saving Sharkets arrived for an appearance at the aerospace industry event.

With the words: “Hunting down fuel burned” emblazoned on its fuselage, the A320 joined the Malaysia Airlines A...

Upgrade Services help airbus airline operators keep pace with market trends

10 July 2012 Feature story

Airbus is committed to offering products and services that allow its jetliners to remain competitive and profitable well after they are delivered to customers.

With the steady increase in technology available during recent years, today’s aircraft are more refined in terms of cabin outfitting, elect...

Airbus’ new Ipad app brings the advantages of consumer electronics to the cockpit

10 July 2012 Feature story

For decades, airline pilots could be recognized by the well-worn leather flight bags they carried, which were filled with paper charts, printed maps and thick manuals.

This image is becoming a thing of the past, thanks to the efforts of Airbus and others in creating the “electronic flight bag” – in...

The “irresistible” A350-1000 receives a major boost from Cathay Pacific

10 July 2012 Feature story

Cathay Pacific gave a significant endorsement to the A350-1000 version of Airbus’ next–generation jetliner family today, announcing acquisition decisions that will make it the largest customer for this longest-fuselage version of the A350 XWB family.

During a Farnborough Airshow press conference, t...

Innovation zone to promote aviation’s latest technologies

9 July 2012 Feature story

Airbus innovation has landed at the Farnborough International Airshow in the form of a dedicated pavilion that promotes the wide range of new technologies and research being developed within the aviation industry. 

A focal point of Airbus’ programme at the Innovation Zone exhibit – located bet...

Extending the A330’s market leadership with more payload and range

9 July 2012 Feature story

Improvements to the twin-engine A330 – including integration of technology developed for Airbus’ new A350 – will further expand the operating range and payload capability of this long-popular jetliner by boosting its maximum takeoff weight to 240 metric tonnes.

Formal launch of the increased-range ...

Malaysia airlines’ no. 2 A380 makes a starring appearance at the farnborough airshow

9 July 2012 Feature story

The presence of a Malaysia Airlines A380 at this week’s Farnborough Airshow is particularly appropriate – spotlighting the carrier’s service introduction with Airbus’ 21st century flagship jetliner between nearby London Heathrow Airport and its home city of Kuala Lumpur. 


Aviation industry “buzz” on airbus’ u.s. a320 family production line decision comes to the u.k.

8 July 2012 Feature story

The talk of the 2012 Farnborough International Airshow is Airbus’ milestone decision to create a U.S. final assembly line in Mobile, Alabama for its best-selling A320 Family jetliners – a strategy that was announced last week.

This game-changing move was being celebrated even before the biennial U....

JetBlue Airways brings a highly symbolic jetliner to the future home of Airbus’ U.S. A320 Family final assembly line

3 July 2012 Feature story

Only hours after Airbus announced its historic decision to develop the U.S. A320 Family final assembly line in Mobile, Alabama, a “first” aircraft already was being presented at the future Brookley Aeroplex production site.

In their own words: Customers and suppliers applaud Airbus’ U.S. A320 Family final assembly line decision

2 July 2012 Feature story

The following comments provide examples of airline and industry supplier reaction to Airbus’ announcement of its new A320 Family final assembly line in the United States, to be located at Brookley Aeroplex in Mobile, Alabama: 

Richard Anderson, CEO, Delta Air Lines:“Delta is one of t...

Airbus and Mobile, Alabama: Continuing a successful relationship

2 July 2012 Feature story

The new A320 Family final assembly line in Mobile, Alabama will expand on an already-successful Airbus presence at the city’s Brookley Aeroplex facility – where a growing company team has been providing hands-on engineering support for the A380, A330 and A350 XWB programs.

The A320 Family final assembly line opens a new chapter in Brookley Aeroplex’s aviation history

2 July 2012 Feature story

Mobile, Alabama’s Brookley Aeroplex site for the new Airbus A320 Family final assembly line has a long aviation tradition, with historic ties that date to the early days of manned flight.

Bringing value to customers and supporting the American industrial base with “made in U.S.” aircraft

2 July 2012 Feature story

Airbus’ A320 Family final assembly line at Mobile, Alabama will build on the success of two other aircraft production programs in the United States with its EADS parent company, both located at a purpose-built helicopter center of excellence created in the neighboring state of Mississippi.

Brookley Aeroplex’s infrastructure will facilitate the production of A320 Family aircraft in the U.S.

2 July 2012 Feature story

The future home of Airbus’ U.S. A320 Family final assembly line is strategically positioned to benefit from water, road, rail and air links – facilitating the company’s first-ever production of jetliners on American soil.

Protecting the innovations of tomorrow

25 June 2012 Feature story

Airbus is putting greater emphasis on protecting – and when appropriate, promoting – its diverse range of company-developed technological advances and innovations with an optimised new system now in place for effectively managing intellectual property.

To confirm that all ideas and concep...

Airbus enhances aircraft ownership through customer support

25 June 2012 Feature story

Airbus is committed to assisting its customers through all aspects of aircraft ownership.  In support of this philosophy, the company has been working to expand the services offered for the in-service fleet of more than 6,700 Airbus aircraft making 21,000 flights each day, as well as offering a...

New A320 Family seating option delivers “extra wide” passenger comfort

18 June 2012 Feature story

Continuing its philosophy to provide the most comfortable in-flight experience for passengers, Airbus is now offering Extra Wide Seats on its industry-leading A320 Family jetliners – providing adequate space for those who need it, while giving airline operators a new method to generate additional re...

Airbus supports greener aviation with new demonstrations of “the perfect flight”

12 June 2012 Feature story

As part of its on-going commitment to enhancing the aviation sector’s environmental performance, Airbus is championing “the perfect flight” as an effective means for achieving short-term eco-efficiency goals as a bridge to break-through technologies that are years away from becoming a reality.

Qantas A380 to resume operational service

25 April 2012 Feature story

Qantas is preparing for the re-entry into service of its first A380, the Nancy Bird Walton, following a highly successful repair/rebuild programme that underscores the effectiveness and reactivity of Airbus’ global engineering network. 

This comprehensive effort addressed damage resulting from...

Airbus showcases cabin innovations for its next-generation A350 XWB

30 March 2012 Feature story

The A350 XWB’s advanced cabin took centre stage at the 2012 Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Germany, where Airbus presented a number of modular and efficient design solutions for its next-generation widebody jetliner family.

Airbus in Latin America: building on a record commercial performance

28 March 2012 Feature story

The A380’s current headline-making demonstration tour across Latin America follows a record-breaking regional sales performance by Airbus in 2011, during which the company received new orders for 100 commercial jetliners.

Trending topic: A380 tour has Latin American region talking

27 March 2012 Feature story

Airbus’ 21st century flagship A380 is generating a significant “buzz” in Latin America as this widebody jetliner continues its multi-city demonstration tour through the dynamic market.

During the tour’s first two stops – Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil – the aircraft was greeted by enthusias...

The A380 and A400M share the spotlight on FIDAE’s opening day

27 March 2012 Feature story

Airbus today kicked off its participation during the Latin American market’s largest air show, FIDAE (Feria Internacional del Aire y del Espacio) in Santiago de Chile – highlighted by an opening day flight presentation of the company’s 21st century flagship A380. 

The double-deck jetliner is b...

Air travel in Latin America to be boosted by a strong economy

26 March 2012 Feature story

Latin America’s dynamic economy is expected to create a tripling of the region’s air traffic during the next 20 years, driving the demand through 2030 for over 2,000 new aircraft with seating capacities of more than 100 passengers – according to the Airbus Global Market Forecast.

The A380’s Latin American tour debuts in a key market for Airbus aircraft

24 March 2012 Feature story

Brazil, which is welcoming the A380 demonstrator aircraft on the first stops of its Latin American tour this month, is a key country market for Airbus jetliners.

Latin America welcomes the A380 on a multi-city tour that mirrors another historic Airbus visit

22 March 2012 Feature story

This month’s A380 multi-city tour of Latin America comes nearly 40 years after the milestone visit by another revolutionary Airbus jetliner– the no. 1 A300, which made stopovers in Brazil, Venezuela and Mexico during September-October 1973.

Flying the world: A380s carry more than 1 million passengers every month

20 March 2012 Feature story

The A380’s arrival in Latin America this week for a multi-country demonstration tour comes as the 21st century Airbus flagship jetliner confirms its operational success with a growing in-service fleet worldwide.





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