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Airbus’ A330-200F: Tailored for the cargo market’s needs, today and tomorrow

20 June 2013 Feature story

With the A330-200F now in service with major operators around the world, this modern mid-sized freighter is flying a wide variety of freight – including such unique loads as live baby whales – to destinations on all continents.

“The A330-200F’s unique flexibility is proving itself in fulfilling mar...

Applying innovation to improve the airline luggage experience

20 June 2013 Feature story

Airbus hopes to alleviate the stress of waiting in line at airports for luggage check-in with innovative smart baggage designed to make air travel more efficient for passengers and airlines alike. 

At this week’s Paris Air Show, Airbus highlighted the Smart Baggage concept – a joint initiative...

Shhh! Airbus uses modern technology for quieter aircraft

19 June 2013 Feature story

Airbus continues to implement innovative technologies across its product line to further reduce jetliner noise emissions and meet the goals of Europe’s Flightpath 2050 guidelines – including a 65 per cent reduction in noise emissions by airborne aircraft relative to 2000 levels. 

“We obviously...

A320neo Family shows strong start at Le Bourget Airport

19 June 2013 Feature story

The world’s fastest-selling commercial airliner kept the momentum going in the first days of the Paris Air Show, as Airbus added 123 A320neo (new engine option) Family firm orders and commitments while expanding the aircraft’s customer base into a new market.</span...

The A350 XWB’s reach expands to three new carriers

19 June 2013 Feature story

Airbus expanded the customer base for its A350 XWB today with one order and a new commitment announced at the Paris Air Show, which will see this next-generation jetliner ultimately enter the fleets of three additional operators.  

For the trio of carriers, the A350 XWB will be utilized to mod...

British Airways’ first A380 has impressive performance at the Paris Air Show

19 June 2013 Feature story

The no. 1 British Airways A380 today concluded its three-day visit to the Paris Air Show – which included static and flying displays at Le Bourget Airport.

The display of this Airbus 21st century flagship jetliner – noticeable by its distinctive British Airways livery that includes a Uni...

Airbus hosts Fly Your Ideas contest winners at the Paris Air Show

19 June 2013 Feature story

Students who dream of shaping aviation’s future were given a first-hand look at the industry during the Paris Air Show as Airbus hosted its Fly Your Ideas contest winners – members of Team Levar, from Brazil.

The students came to the show’s Le Bourget Airport venue with their innovative idea to ret...

Airbus’ A380 is ready to “Own the sky”

18 June 2013 Feature story

When the A380 first entered commercial service, it was “Love at first flight” – and with more than five years of worldwide operations to its credit, this 21st century jetliner has pro...

Airbus’ Sharklets delivering efficiency to operators around the world

18 June 2013 Feature story

Airbus has delivered more than 70 A320 jetliners equipped with Sharklets since these fuel-saving wingtip devices entered service.  Two of the latest occurred this week with aircraft provided to Air New Zealand (the Sharklets launch customer) and LATAM Airlines Group during the Paris Air Show at...

Airbus delivers landmark aircraft for its largest Latin American operator

18 June 2013 Feature story

LATAM Airlines Group received its 200th A320 Family aircraft during the Paris Air Show today, highlighting an important milestone for one of Airbus’ major worldwide customers.

The jetliner, a Sharklet-equipped A320 that will operate under the TAM Airlines livery, was accepted during a ce...

“Made in America” A320 jetliners for ILFC

17 June 2013 Feature story

U.S.-based ILFC will receive some of its latest-ordered A320 Family aircraft from Airbus’ new single-aisle jetliner final assembly line in Mobile, Alabama – providing this major leasing company with aircraft built in America.

ILFC Chief Executive Officer Henri Courpron said it was a plus for the co...

Attention all future pilots! Let’s shop Airbus

17 June 2013 Feature story

As the A350 XWB prepares to shape the future of air travel following its recent first flight, Airbus is reaching out to the next generation of aspiring pilots who may be at the controls of this new innovative aircraft sometime in the future.

The company’s branded product boutique – called “Let’s sh...

Doric wows the international press with its agreement for 20 A380s

17 June 2013 Feature story

It not often that an air show announcement creates audible gasps of surprise from the international aviation trade press – but it was the case today when Doric Lease Corp CEO Mark Lapidus told reporters his company will order 20 A380s, and stated this amount probably is not enough to meet demand.


Design a career with Airbus and EADS

17 June 2013 Feature story

Airbus and its EADS parent company are looking for a hand – or possibly a paintbrush – to help promote creativity and innovation with a graffiti mural at the Paris Air Show.

The special “Express yourself – design your future” graffiti mural will evolve throughout the show with visitor participation...

The A350 XWB will continue an illustrious history of Airbus first flights

14 June 2013 Feature story


When the A350 XWB goes skyward for the first time, it will mark the latest in a series of maiden flights that not only started the careers of new Airbus jetliners, but also represented major steps forward in company-developed technology, operating efficiency and productivit...

The A350 XWB “takes shape” online prior to its first flight

12 June 2013 Feature story

With the A350 XWB scheduled for its maiden flight on 14 June, Airbus has published the latest “Shaping Efficiency” newsletter with new highlights on this game-changing widebody jetliner.

Released today, the second edition provides interactive A350 XWB content tailored for on-the-move readers as the...

UK project for improved modelling techniques is supported by Airbus

4 June 2013 Feature story

Airbus is playing a key role in a new UK collaborative research and development project with the goal of improving modelling techniques to support aerospace technology innovation under auspices of the Aerospace Growth Partnership and UK Centre of Aerodynamics.

New Airbus interactive magazine highlights A350 XWB’s development

4 June 2013 Feature story

As the A350 XWB progresses toward its maiden flight and subsequent service entry, Airbus has created a new way to stay up-to-date on this next-generation airliner.

Airbus released the first edition of its “A350 XWB Shaping Efficiency” online magazine on 4th June, providing readers with an insi...

EBACE 2013: Airbus cabin innovation takes the lead with display of new “ACJ319 Bluejay” concept

22 May 2013 Feature story

The Airbus Corporate Jet Centre’s (ACJC) reputation as a cabin-outfitting innovator is being underscored this week at the largest annual gathering for Europe’s business aviation community, EBACE 2013 – where the 100-per cent Airbus subsidiary is presenting its ACJ319 Bluejay cabin concept.

Airbus ProSky’s new CEO sets his sights on broadening the products and services of this air traffic management subsidiary

13 May 2013 Feature story

Expanding Airbus ProSky’s collaboration with aircraft operators, air navigation service providers, airport authorities and other stakeholders to improve Air Traffic Management (ATM) systems is among the top priorities for this Airbus subsidiary’s new CEO, Paul-Franck Bijou.

Growing the Airbus U.S. engineering presence in Wichita, Kansas

6 May 2013 Feature story

Airbus once again has expanded its airframe design and engineering center in Wichita, Kansas, with this latest development providing much-needed workspace for employees hired over the past year to support on-going A320, A350 and A380 family program activities.

Confirming A350 XWB safety with lightning strike evaluations

29 April 2013 Feature story

Lightning strike testing has been performed for the A350 XWB, completing a key required step in preparations for this next-generation Airbus jetliner’s maiden flight.

A “SUPER” project gives new life to old parts

28 March 2013 Feature story

Airbus’ SUPER (Supply of Used Parts and Equipment for Re-use) project – launched in 2012 – aims to find a new cost-effective and environmentally-beneficial solution to meet the needs of its global operators.

The Airbus Military A400M receives its full civil type certification

13 March 2013 Feature story

Airbus Military’s A400M today became the first large military transport designed and certified to civil standards from its inception when it received full type certification from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) airworthiness authority.

Quovadis supports South African Airways in authorization of efficient RNP AR navigation procedures

5 March 2013 Feature story

The South African Aviation Authority has approved South African Airlines’ new Required Navigation Performance with Authorization Required (RNP AR) procedures for Cape Town International Airport, which were designed in close cooperation with the Airbus ProSky company Quovadis.

It marks the first suc...

Shared Virtual Sky: leading the way toward enhanced European air traffic management

20 February 2013 Feature story

Airbus ProSky is taking a high-profile role in developing Europe’s first airspace simulation platform that will be available to the aviation sector – which is called Shared Virtual Sky, and allows for accelerated innovation as well as the ability to test new air navigation concepts for improved safe...

Another A350 XWB takes shape in Toulouse

19 February 2013 Feature story

Build-up of the third A350 XWB is now underway at Airbus’ Toulouse, France final assembly line as preparations continue for the next-generation jetliner’s upcoming flight and certification campaign.

Airbus ProSky “clears the way” for Instrument Landing System signals at crowded airports

13 February 2013 Feature story

New innovative services from Airbus ProSky affiliate that ensures signals for vital runway Instrument Landing Systems will not be interrupted by buildings, hangars and obstacles has been selected for use at Switzerland’s Zurich Airport.

These services – called ELISE (Exact Landing Interference Simu...

Toulouse’s Aeroscopia museum readies for its 2014 opening with Airbus support

7 February 2013 Feature story

Construction is continuing apace for the Airbus-supported Aeroscopia museum in Toulouse, France, which will put the spotlight on European aviation’s past, present and future following its public opening in early 2014.

Airbus’ Quovadis supports RNP-AR certification for Frontier Airlines

4 February 2013 Feature story

In a new milestone assisted by the Airbus ProSky company Quovadis, Colorado-based Frontier Airlines has been cleared to use highly-efficient AC 90-101A RNP-AR 0.3 (Required Navigation Performance – Authorisation Required) operations for public procedures in the United States.

The A350 XWB jetliner makes its first flight…virtually

4 February 2013 Feature story

In preparation for the maiden takeoff of Airbus’ new A350 XWB jetliner later this year, the “Aircraft Zero” test bed has started its virtual first flight campaign.

The United Arab Emirates selects Airbus’ air traffic management subsidiary for an airspace restructuring study

28 January 2013 Feature story

Airbus ProSky will take an important role in wide-ranging enhancements to United Arab Emirates airspace with its selection by the nation’s General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) for a restructuring study – which will lead the way for improved air traffic management, navigation procedures, aircraft ...

Qatar Airways uses an A320 for a new navigational approach to Kathmandu’s airport in Nepal

21 January 2013 Feature story

A Qatar Airways-flown A320 has made this carrier the world’s first to operate an aircraft into the Nepalese capital’s Tribhuvan International Airport within the Himalayan mountain range using a new navigation approach.

The milestone flight took place with the Doha-based airline’s A320 performing an...

Airbus and its employees help brighten the holidays with support for two generous donations

21 December 2012 Feature story

As the year draws to a close, the Airbus Corporate Foundation and Airbus employees performed two significant acts of kindness, using a pair of delivery flights with new aircraft for customers.

Airbus’ “connected cockpit” supports improved pilot communications

3 December 2012 Feature story

An Airbus-developed cockpit system now reaching completion will provide pilots with better information and faster, richer dialogue with the ground, leveraging the potential of high-speed broadband satellite communications and the latest in tablet computer technology.

Airbus and DLR: maximising data on maximum lift performance

30 November 2012 Feature story

Accurately predicting maximum lift performance is a very important, though difficult, part of the aircraft design process, which is why Airbus has teamed with Germany’s DLR aeronautical research specialists for a pair of flight test campaigns aimed at generating richer supporting data in the future....

Airbus ProSky enters agreement to enhance flight operations in the Asia-Pacific region

26 November 2012 Feature story

Airbus’ air traffic management subsidiary, Airbus ProSky, will take a leading role in the growth of Singapore’s air transport sector through its newly-announced partnership with the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS).

Quovadis takes the lead in establishing efficient approach procedures for two Canary Islands airports

12 November 2012 Feature story

The Airbus ProSky company Quovadis has been selected to head the design and validation of improved Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) landing approaches at two airports in Spain’s Canary Islands, leading to a wide range of operational and environmental benefits.

Airbus Corporate Foundation and Wichita United Way partner to offer youth mentoring program

25 October 2012 Feature story

As part of its commitment to inspiring students, the Airbus Corporate Foundation has teamed up with the United Way of the Plains to bring its Flying Challenge youth mentoring program to the U.S. for the first time.

A new A350 XWB production milestone: making way for METRO

25 October 2012 Feature story

Airbus’ first A350 XWB moved another step closer to its maiden takeoff with installation of this widebody jetliner’s 50-metre-long electrical harness for flight test measurements, which – together with 35 electrical cabinets – forms an advanced “supercomputer” known as METRO.

The A350 XWB: Efficient and “green” from the moment it takes shape

23 October 2012 Feature story

The A350 XWB is designed to provide highly efficient and eco-friendly service for its airline customers, and the new Airbus final assembly line that builds these aircraft has been developed with the same philosophy.

Located near its Toulouse, France headquarters, Airbus introduced many environmenta...

The A350 XWB’s engine shows early maturity during “hot” testing

9 October 2012 Feature story

The Trent XWB engine for Airbus’ widebody A350 XWB jetliner continues to demonstrate advanced maturity as this Rolls-Royce-built powerplant is put through its paces in the most thorough engine test programme to date.

From the A300 to A380: THAI’s successful 35-year relationship with Airbus

27 September 2012 Feature story

Today’s delivery of the first A380 for Thai Airways International (THAI) continues a long relationship that began with its acquisition of Airbus’ cornerstone A300, and has since encompassed aircraft from across the jetliner family.

“This relationship dates all the way back to 1977 when THAI became ...

The A380 is a true commercial aviation pioneer

27 September 2012 Feature story

In addition to introducing a totally new in-flight experience for passengers, the A380 also is a technology pioneer – bringing advances that have since been introduced on other members of Airbus’ jetliner family.

One such breakthrough is use of the Airbus-developed Brake to Vacate system that optim...

A380 success: In the airlines’ own words

27 September 2012 Feature story

From the A380’s initial operators to the most recent carriers bringing it into service, airline feedback continues to underscore this jetliner’s positive effect in attracting traffic and pleasing passengers.  The following comments offer examples of what they are saying about the new “queen of ...

A380 airlines redefine passenger comfort

27 September 2012 Feature story

With more than 27 million travellers carried to date by the growing fleet of globe-trotting A380s, this jetliner has well earned its reputation as a passenger-pleasing jetliner in all classes of service.

Airlines that fly the A380 benefit from the only aircraft today that unites all of the essentia...

New supplier agreement brings additional seating options for Airbus’ A350 XWB

24 September 2012 Feature story

Airbus is offering even more interior choices for A350 XWB customers with the addition of Zodiac Seats France as a contracted seat supplier for the company’s next-generation widebody jetliner.

Airbus Wi-Fi connectivity solution is certified for A320 Family aircraft

19 September 2012 Feature story

Airbus has achieved certification for its combined mobile telephony and Wi-Fi system for the single-aisle A320 Family. These connectivity services are built on Airbus’ latest version of its “Airline Network Architecture” platform – known as “ALNAv2.” The services were first offered in 2009 on Airbus...

Airbus provides a look at future airline operations from Berlin Brandenburg Airport.

14 September 2012 Feature story

While the new international airport for Germany’s capital city has yet to open, certain visitors to the ILA Berlin Air Show will have the opportunity to experience a takeoff and landing at this facility…thanks to Airbus.

As part of its presence at the air show’s ExpoCentre venue, Airbus arranged to...

The Beluga Super Transporter brings Airbus’ hiring message to Berlin in a big way

14 September 2012 Feature story

Airbus’ international hiring campaign took centre stage at the ILA Berlin Air show today as one of its A300-600ST Super Transporter aircraft joined the static display line, carrying the company’s employment message on both sides of this jetliner’s oversized fuselage.

The A300-600ST – which will be...





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