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Review the worldwide Airbus orders and deliveries totals with the summary table, below.  For a full listing, utilise the link underneath the summary table to download the latest Excel file – which is updated monthly and lists all firm commercial aircraft transactions, including the family of Airbus executive and private aviation jetliners. 

The month in review : June 2014

A320 10,504
A350 XWB
A380 324
Orders as of 30 June 2014 14,105

June’s order and delivery activity resulted in multiple milestones for Airbus, which included exceeding the 2,800 order volume for its A320neo (new engine option) Family, surpassing the 10,500 total sales mark for the overall A320 single-aisle product line, and going beyond 6,100 total deliveries for A318, A319, A320 and A321 jetliners.

Airbus logged orders for 209 aircraft from its A320 Family during the month, led by an undisclosed customer’s booking for 80 new engine option and current engine option (ceo) jetliners – composed of 30 A321neo, 20 A321ceo, 16 A320neo, 10 A320ceo and four A319neo versions; along with another undisclosed customer’s acquisition of 70 A320neos.

The other orders recorded in June were Qantas’ contract for 21 A320neos; the Air New Zealand booking for 10 A320neo and three A321neo aircraft; Aerospace International Group’s acquisition of seven A321ceo and six A320ceo versions; and 12 A320ceos for Synergy Aerospace.

With these transactions, total orders for the A320 NEO product line reached 2,843 at the end of June, placed by 55 customers.

Overall, Airbus had sold 10,504 jetliners from the A320 single-aisle Family through 30 June – an achievement that is even more remarkable when considering that the programme’s original sales goal was for 600 aircraft.

Airbus’ 55 total deliveries in June included 41 A320 Family aircraft – which brought to 6,132 the total aircraft from this product line provided to customers worldwide.  Also delivered in June were 11 A330s and three A380s. 

During the first six months of 2014, Airbus delivered 303 jetliners to 70 customers, compared with 295 in the same period last year.

Taking June’s orders, cancellations and conversions into account, Airbus’ net bookings for 2014 had reached 290 aircraft. 

The overall backlog as of 30 June was 5,546 jetliners, composed of 4,372 A320Family aircraft, 243 A330s, 742 A350s and 189 A380s.


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