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The A380’s Latin American tour debuts in a key market for Airbus aircraft

Brazil, which is welcoming the A380 demonstrator aircraft on the first stops of its Latin American tour this month, is a key country market for Airbus jetliners.

24 March 2012 Feature story

Brazilian flag carrier TAM Airlines operates nearly 150 Airbus aircraft, representing the region’s largest fleet – comprised of single-aisle A319s, A320s and A321s, along with widebody A330s and A340s. 

Based on TAM’s operational experience with Airbus products and the level of customer support, the carrier has repeatedly expanded the fleet, making Airbus its leading aircraft supplier. 

In October, 2011 TAM finalized a purchase agreement for another 32 Airbus aircraft – composed of 22 eco-efficient A320neo and 10 A320 Family aircraft – bringing its Airbus aircraft orders to 208, and solidifying this airline’s position as the company’s biggest customer in the southern hemisphere.


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