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The A380 arrives at Farnborough with its message of love

12 July 2012 Feature story

This week’s Farnborough Airshow became the modern day version of an aviation industry love-in, as Airbus’ development A380 aircraft arrived with its “Love at first flight” message.

Touching down on Farnborough Airport’s main runway at 8:15 a.m., the aircraft now becomes part of Airbus’ presence at the biennial U.K. air show, succeeding the Malaysia Airlines A380 that was on display and which participated in daily flight presentations during the event’s first three days.

Airbus created its “Love at first flight” campaign in 2011 to highlight the positive feedback from passengers who have enjoyed the A380 experience in worldwide airline service.  

The campaign is widely visible at the 2012 Farnborough Airshow, with the tagline and specially-created graphic painted across the A380 demonstrator aircraft’s fuselage, and included on material such as lanyards, notebooks, pens and other branded material.

Advertisements carried in the air show’s daily publications – and also inserted as wrap-bands on newspapers – expand this campaign to the airline audience, with the wording: “Operators love the aircraft that passengers love to fly.  Higher load factors.  Lower costs.  When will your revenues profit from the A380?”


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